Lucia – Italy

I am very grateful for Skam, because it really helped me and taught me that everything is love. I’ve learned to see love in every situation, even when there’s just a few, and it is such a beautiful sensation. I’m finally starting to feel good with myself and with other people. Thank you, Skam 💛

Giavonna, 14 – Philadelphia Pennsylvania, United States

I came across Skam not too long ago while scrolling through Youtube. I soon became obsessed with the clips I found online and was determined to find the show with English subtitles. Once I found it and began watching it, I was hooked. I enjoyed learning about Norwegian culture through the show and fell in love with the language, the characters, actors, relationships, seasons and even the songs!

The show has so many important messages and it made me question everything and think deeply about life. I am so lucky to have found this wonderful show and am very happy Julie is making an American version (even though it will never compare to the original.)

I am extremely grateful for this masterpiece and miss the show dearly <3

Anonymous, 13 – Poland

When I started watching SKAM, I was scared of myself. I had a social anxiety and I didn’t want to think about girls in THAT way. I am bisexual but back in those times, I was homophobic as hell.
One day, my sister wanted to show me something on her phone. She had Even and Isak kissing on her wallpaper. I asked “Who are these people?” “This is Even and this is Isak” “I don’t get it. These two are guy names” “Yes, because they are gay” I was shooked. My own sister! Next day she showed me from which TV Series they were, I wasn’t enjoying first episodes, but then I found something magical about it and watched first, second and third seasons in two days.I learned, that I can’t be someone I’m not just because I want to. That sexuality isn’t a choice, and those guys who were holding hands in the shopping centre were actually braver than I was. Now everybody knows that I love everyone and I have psychologic sessions.
Goodnight everyone!

André, 24 – Brazil

I have to thank every person involved in this amazing show.
I never felt more related to characters in my life, especially Noora and Isak.

Noora vision about equality and violence are really similar to mine, so watching she fall in love with William I felt like I was having the same struggles as her, I hated him at first but as their relationship grew I started liking him, and I started to see that I was so attached to my beliefs that I wasn’t giving him a chance.

As for Isak, I never felt so represented in my life. As a gay guy who doesn’t identify very much with the gay community, I saw myself couple years ago in him, my struggles, my fears, my denial, and I saw myself now in him too, his acceptance, his search for happiness and belonging. There were some times that I had to pause just to scream, because I couldn’t handle the feelings.

I felt fulfilled for the time in my life about a representation in the media (and I’ve been looking for two years for that).
So I’m thanking again everyone responsible for this show to make such real flawed characters that are gonna stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for showing that I’m not alone.

Fatima, 30 – Canada

SKAM – four simple letters, one word – but it cracks my heart open and spreads warmth across my chest. Everytime I think about the show, the characters – I start smiling and when I think too much, i’m on the verge of tears. Like right now. This show made a very emotionless and cold girl in to an emotional wreck.
I felt like a kid watching this show.
The part of me that is trapped inside, the part of me that resonated with Sana, that part I ignored for years. I chalked it up to :
‘this is not my culture’,
‘mum and dad dont understand that their culture is not my culture’,
‘I have the best of both worlds. then why am i not happy? why do i have to convince people from both worlds to let me be part of them? (I convinced myself that I wasn’t lonely and of so much more..i didn’t know over the years i had buried so much in my heart and ignored it)’
‘ mum and dad wont be pleased with me if I did this or that’
‘ what will mum and dad’s friends say. what will our community say’
‘ do i even have friends. do i tell them about Ramadan?’
‘ well i told them about eid. but no one wished me’

I’m not a kid anymore, i’m 30, and SKAM became my life.
This show, the narrative was made for the teens of Norway – but its also for anyone who grew up in a multicultural society and never had anyone represent their struggles on tv, never had an idol to look up to…i can go on and on. The realism of the show took me by surprise. Evak-love shook me to my core. Im not a romantic person, I dont feel intense ‘love’ emotions. Most of the time I dont feel anything, I just do things because my brain tells me its the right things to do.
Till I met Sana, Isak, Even (the holy trinity).
I’ve been too afraid to let people in, to let them get to know me better. I’m too afraid to get hurt, and too shy to get personal or show emotions. But Evak made me “feel” what ‘love’ could feel like!!
I want what Even and Isak have. and I want to be fearless like Sana.

Rehan, 22 – Jakarta, Indonesia

Sana’s story touched me in many ways.
Being a Muslim living in non Muslim country reflects on what would it be like when I live in other country. As it is my dream to move abroad. The confusion and the temptation is clearly there. And she face it ahead! And made through it! I really admire her strong personality dealing with everything throughout her season.

Tazkia Tazmi, 17 – Auckland, New Zealand

It has truly been one of the best and most relatable shows I have,and probably will, ever watch.

I hope Director Julie Andem sees this,because words cannot decribe what you have done for me. You have created fiction that turned my life around. I am now more considerate of others,I treat the mentally disabled with more patience and understanding,I have become much less quick to judge,I have been inspired and motivated to believe there is hope. I dream of a world, created by our generation, that overcomes racism, gender and sexuality discriminating,assult of sexual,physical or mental kind. You have showed us how the world could be without the divisions we create for ourself, and it is brilliant. I have realized that being a Muslim girl in Auckland city is not that hard a life to lead, when you answer all questions, however dumb or racist they may seem. I have realized the prettiest boy has a screwed up family,and the prettiest girl has a depressed mother. I know now not to judge. I have recognized imbalances of the world and why they occur. I have understood the world is in our hands now, our generation. And you have shown us the way to create a world that’s accepting,understanding and beautiful.

Thank you.

For making me grow from perhaps a more naive and judgemental person to someone who is accepting and understanding,feels confident about herself, and genuinely feels that love can make a difference after all. We needed your story more than you know because now that we have it, we know what we were missing. And we are very very very very thankful.

Narges, 17 – Tabriz, Iran

I just saw skam
I heared a lot about this tv show then i saw videos about noora and william and suddenly i fell in love with them
I saw the whole series in one day
Then i knew that amazing tv show canceled i was crying for tht amazing tv show so i should say thnk you skam for beign so amazing and awesome you Inspired me
And how amazing u show us about differences between people and how relationship could be Awful or amazing
I cant say anything to show how appreciate i am
And this breaks ma heart that i cant see them Together again
Noora and william thank u
U were amazing couple and i cried for u too
I want all of u guys stay amazing
Im muslim too cause in my Country We born muslim and how amazing this tv show show us cause were not that bad that people think about us
Specially William and noora
Stay amazing
Cause ur amazing💙
Amd i hope one day i could saw u again in another tvshow or movie💙

Anonymous, 25 – Sweden

I’ve lived my life afraid of people. Afraid of talking to them, and afraid of being honest. And I saw much of that in Isak.
When Dr. Skrulle asks Isak
“Isak, liker du andre mennesker?”
and he answers
“Ja… sikkert”
I realized that would have been my answer too. And that that probably wasn’t the right answer.
The question “liker du andre mennesker?” got stuck in my head for quite a while, and I spent a lot of time thinking about what might be wrong. For some reason I googled it one day. I don’t know if I was looking for a gif of the scene maybe, or you know how sometimes you just google stuff for no reason?
Anyway. The first page that comes up when you google the words “liker du andre mennesker” is the norwegian wikipedia article “Engstelig (unnvikende) personlighetsforstyrrelse” (Avoidant personality disorder).
I cried reading through it because I recognized so much of that behavior. I clearly remember the sentence “Hvis forstyrrelsen forblir ubehandlet, vil personen isolere seg selv mer og mer”, and how much it scared me.
I wasn’t sure I actually had AvPD, but I knew isolating myself the way that I was, even from the people I called my closest friends, wasn’t only sad – it was dangerous. It deprives life of it’s meaning if you never get to truly share it with someone.
It’s hard to explain how my life has changed since SKAM. On the surface it looks pretty much the same. And I’m still very much afraid of the same things that scared me before. But I know the ones closest to me have noticed how I’ve forced myself to open up to them a bit. How I can now sometimes talk about things that I felt I literally – physically – couldn’t before. And they have in return opened up more to me.
I hope this would’ve happened eventually with or without SKAM, but I know for sure SKAM was the catalyst that made it happen.
Life is realer now. Life is better.

Anonymous, 24 – Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve never before identified with a character as much as I do with Sana. I’m not a muslim, I’m not religious, I’ve just never before seen internalisation of feelings done so well – or done at all – in media.
The balancing act of sacrifice and self-interest. The googling ‘how to get over someone’. The crying silently in secret. The deep love for a person that make you step back and let them have what you wanted. The strength to stick to your principles in the face of adversary. The thinking that you can fix everything yourself. The dignity, and the pride, and the idiocy of not trusting other people.
I see myself, and I am learning.

Polina, 17 – Russia

All my entire life I was told that difference from others is the worst thing could happen. That my desire to be educated and intelligent is boring and makes me nerd. Thank you SKAM for opportunity to believe that I can be loved and appreciated. My consciousness and my life views were literally inverted to a right direction. You guys must to remember: dont let yourself be misunderstood. World is full of people ready to become your soulmates. Just look around. And anothr one advice: you are 1000000 times better then your school jerks.
Thank you, Julie. Thank you, Mary. Thank you, Iman and Tarjei. TAKK FOR ALT

Rowen Theodore, 16 – Shawnee, Kansas, United States

When I was a kid growing up in the middle of redneck country, my father told me that all mentally ill people were inherently evil. My community taught me that there was no place in the world for queer people. I was taught to hate myself before I even knew who I was. In a town a mere hour’s drive away from the Westboro Baptist Church, the LGBT+ community is constantly in danger. I’ve heard horror stories of hate crimes from friends I’d do anything for. LGBT+ people make up 40% of our homeless youth, and last year I nearly joined them when I wrote queer poetry on the walls of my closet during a manic episode in the aftermath of Orlando. I spent so much of my life believing that I was alone. I’d been taught that a girl who likes girls is a dead girl, that people like me were made to burn. I cannot express how important Skam is to me. For the first time in my life, I saw people like me getting a happy ending. I saw people like me humanized on screen. And what you’ve done for us in Norway, today, will save the lives of LGBT+ people in perilous situations all over the world tomorrow. I cannot thank you enough for the feeling of acceptance and understanding you’ve given me. Thank you, Skam.

Natella, 16 – Podolsk, Russia

Write a thankful letter to the series, which is unlikely to find any of its creators, or participants, would never have thought that I would spend so much time on this lesson. But right now, I’m doing it right now. My page in the social network will be captured by hackers, and maybe erased in units and zeros, leaving behind a single word, photos, videos. But to say thank you, when it’s so important, I can.
Thanks to SKAM for giving hope to many of their fans and believing in life. Thanks for everything, everyone found in this show. Thank you that a girl who was subjected to sexual violence, and before that was maniacal, continued to fight and now can again live day after day, without thinking about suicide. Thank you that the boy, suffering from clinical depression, thinking every time that destroys other people’s lives by being offended by his friends and relatives, having looked at the show and seeing his own fears and feelings on the screen, is now cured and is writing a new book. Thank you that hundreds of thousands of teenagers have found support that they did not receive in real life. Thank you that “no one is lonely” and for “everything is love,” for “everyone you meet, waging a fight about which you do not know anything, be kind, always,” for “the world is full of chaos and every our action carries a consequence “Thanks for” your body needs potatoes, for “life – here and now”, for “fear spreads, but fortunately, love is spreading too.” Thank you so much sense in every act of the character, so many reasons to Think about and look around.Thank you the ship SKAM, which threw a lifeline to many, and even m e.
Thank you.
I hope that my mistakes during the translation were not so terrible. But each of us is given the right to make mistakes. Because mistakes are an experience. And experience is life.

Pilar, 18 – Argentina

SKAM changed my life forever. As crazy as it sounds. Each character and each story engraved so deeply within myself. The way Julie wrote and cared about every single detail showed on and off screen created a show so special, relatable and unique. O Helga Natt will go down as the most breathtaking beautiful piece of art ever shown on television.
Thank you SKAM, for introducing me to such different cultures and religions. Thank you for changing and educating me, I’m forever grateful. And thank you for reminding me that you are never truly free until you’ve accepted yourself and everything that you are.
Takk for alt, alt er love <3

Alexandra, 29 – Sweden

SKAM has giving me hope of the next generation. SKAM has shown me a different reality. A reality where the youths of today are bright, kind and brave. Where it doesn’t matter if your friend is straight or gay, muslim or christian, thick or thin. A reality where it doesn’t really matter if you fuck up every now and then as long as you know about it and take responsibility for it. And I love it. It’s exactly how it should be.
It’s 2017 -spread the love!

Stort tack Julie Andem och Norge för SKAM <3

Hila, 17 – Israel

I found SKAM through instagram on late December. I started watching on January 2nd. I met my first friends on February. I orginized a meetup of fans all over the country on 3rd of april. This meetup was about SKAM on paper, but was so much more than that.
I found my greatest friends through SKAM, not only from my country, but from all over the would. You can always find someone to relate to in skam and in the fandom, which is why I think this show brings people together. Every person I met was a true shining gem. I wish for SKAM to grow stronger and wider, so a lot of people will be revealed on topics such as eating disorders, mental illness, sexuality and much more that they don’t teach you in school. I love my skamily and they love me back.

Dimi, 17 – Spain

Dear Julie Andem,
Thank you for creating such an amazing show, to which I could relate to in so many ways.
My friends told me in 2016 about “a Norwegian TV Show SKAM”, and I took their advice to check it out, not knowing that it would change my life completely. I immediately found myself related to Isak and Even’s story in every possible way: the way Isak noticed boys (Even) rather than girls, I even used to do the exact same “gay test” online before I was comfortable about my sexuality, the way how I realised that I should accept myself and feel confident to talk to my friends about it, and how depression is very common and all you need to do is talk about it.
After I came out to my friends, I got so much support from them, and I cannot tell you how depressed and barricaded I felt before I could talk to anybody about it.
SKAM seriously helped me, but also it showed my parents, too, the teenage struggles and what I was going through before I came out.
Again, a HUGEEE THANK YOU to all the people who were involved in SKAM. You all honestly changed my life, and the show gave me so so much support!!
TUUUSEN TAKK til dere! Takk for alt!

Anonymous, 16 – Norway

The end of SKAM
I could say a thousand things. I know this isn’t enough. It could never be.
I am still processing it. And I don’t think I will ever be completely over the fact that SKAM has ended.
Just because something is happening inside your head doesn’t mean that it is not real.
If you feel it, it is true.
Everything in SKAM was real for me.
We have to remember the people we got to know.
We have to carry with us all the beautiful moments.
We have to carry with us all that we learned.
The community it created.
Heck yeah, the universe it created!
Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
SKAM will always exist. Online and in our hearts.
Thank you for everything! I have learned so much. About understanding other humans and the world.
Through SKAM I felt respected, cared about and understood.
You made me not feel alone.
Fear spreads, but luckily love does too.

Sebastian, 20 – Ecuador

A few years ago, I was like Isak, still confused about my sexuality and kinda embarrased about it, I felt it was something for me to hide but Isak’s journey to come out has been an inspiration to me and it’s quite similar to mine. I too took these tests and had the same feeling towards the stereotypical gay idea but Eskild speech was inspiring and helped me understand better the LGBT community, how Isak fought for his love and became a mature person was an inspiration and it has helped to come out to my friends and feel proud of who I am. I’m still hoping to find my Even, but to accept who you are tastes like freedom. Thank you, Julie for creating a show that has helped teens around the planet, many of them who live in conservative societies, to accept their sexuality.

Anonymous, 19 – Kazakhstan

I was very judgemental when I was 16. I was atheist and thought of religious people as ignorant ones. When I turned 17, I met the person who changed my views completely. I became very religious Muslim and I still am. But this person tought me that other religions were false and atheists were silly. So in terms of judgementalism, I didn’t change much. I just started judging atheists and non-Muslims. After watching skam, I changed my attitude towards religion again. Skam taught me that it doesn’t matter if you are Muslim, Christian, atheist, etc. If it makes you happy, be it. Now, I am not judgemental anymore, I’m tolerant.

Simona, 18 – Naples, Italy

11 December 2016, that’s where it all started for me, the night when Skam entered my heart and never left it. Skam became the second most important tv show in my life after Glee. It has changed my life for the best and helped me through some difficult situations in my life.
All the episodes are full of important messages and I’m so grateful that now they have watched it worldwide, because these wisdom words needs to be spread. Because “people need people”, and I can’t even explain how much I’ve needed all of the characters to say those words that Julie wrote for them. Skam has introduced very important topics and has helped people around the world fight their own demons. I need to thank you every single person that made Skam what it is, and made my life better.
Takk for changing the world piece by piece. “Fear spreads, but fortunately love does too”. ❤️💙💚💛💜

Parks, 14 – United States

skam has changed my life completely. from the beginning to the end i have admired this show. i related so much to isak while i was in the closet and unable to express and be myself. this show is the reason i came out. and it gave me so much courage to and hope that it will be okay when i did. it changed me as a person. it taught me to be kind to everyone and that everyone is fighting a battle. and there will NEVER be a day that i will not be thankful for skam. thank you to this show for saving my life.

BB, 36 – Norway

In a world where things are moving too fast, where it sometimes feels like there is no hope, where it feels like we do not have time for each other and where it seems that we have forgotten what really matters, SKAM gave me the opposite. It mirrored what I truly feel inside, it mirrored my hopes, my dreams, my inner struggles and my most difficult feelings and thoughts. Most of my life I have felt alone with my brain and everything inside of it, but SKAM showed me I am not. Nobody is. We just need to open up, trust, take a risk and jump, and most of all love, accept and respect each other; no matter what. And if we fail, we need to pick up the peaces, and try again. One step at the time, day by day. Together.

Nao, 23 – Paris, France

It was so important to see a representation of Islam on media that didn’t encourage hate or fear. I will never stress that enough. I wish Sana existed when I was 16 but I’m mostly grateful because this season raised awareness on my religion, the most important aspect of my life. Non Muslim fans asked questions to Muslim fans about Islam. SKAM tackled social issues on culture, religion and identity. It humanized Sana but us as well. For this I am grateful. For the love I am grateful. For human interactions I am grateful. Discussions erase fear and are key to development. Share with people and be kind to all. We all live battles. We all need to live this journey that is life together as people. We are all trying to make it right.
We will never be enough of something because we are a little of everything. Takk for Alt.

Jane Kronvald Hansen, 43 – Ejstrupholm, Denmark

I have spent the last month thinking what SKAM actually meant to me. But didn’t reach a conclusion, I didn’t find the exact words to tell you all.
Before SKAM my life was spent mainly from my house, I was scared of life, scared of being judged, scared of being let down, so I had my guard up and kept everyone at arms length …. Seeing Isak doing the same I woke up, at the age of 42 it took a 17 year old boy to wake me from the living dead … Because of SKAM I have travelled to Oslo alone, went to the theatre alone, even took the initiative to talk to some of the actors. I went to several restaurants alone, had a lovely time, interacted with the staff. Met fellow skam fans, made friends for life ..
Now because of SKAM I’m not scared of the world, I’m full of hope and excitement and LOVE … TAK FOR ALT, TAK FOR LIVET MIT ❤️

Anonymous, 21 – Australia

SKAM has changed my life. In the absolute best way possible. I have learnt so much about myself and the world around me. I relate to the show and the characters so much. Even and Vilde, especially. Which is why I am so upset that they will never have their own season… but I just want to say thank you to SKAM and to Julie. Thank you. For everything.

Cam, 17 – United States

When I found SKAM, I thought there was no way that it could be /that/ good. But when I started watching it, I immediately fell in love with the representation of reality and the truthfulness of being a teenager in today’s world. I come from a religious family and have never been able to share my liberal views about big topics (like sexuality, world religion, even politics, etc). I learned so much from each character and have applied much of what I’ve learned into my real life. Living in America, I always see very glorified drama on tv and in film, but that’s not how it is with SKAM. It’s real. It’s genuine. It talks about everything that America is too scared to touch light to. I applaud and respect all the SKAM crew so greatly for bringing attention to BIG topics that don’t get enough positive rep in media.
SKAM has changed many areas of my life, and has taught me to love myself, accept myself, stay true to myself and do all of that for others, too. This show has taught me to not be afraid of my thoughts and opinions just because my parents and family would disagree. I love SKAM and everything it has done for me. I’m a better person because of it. My world has been flipped upside down because of a short four season show from Norway, and I can’t thank the SKAM cast and crew enough. Takk for alt.

Valya – Russia

Well, SKAM was change my life. I am understand more things, that I don’t know earlier. I am very greatfull for all SKAM Team, because they are so cool, awesome, gorgeous, and they are the best. I want to say, that we need to say thank you to all people, who worked with SKAM, because they are created a new world. Tussen Takk

Keona, 15 – San Leandro, United States

Thank you so much skam because starting from the first season, it was so relatable and I felt alone because of the “friends” I had and seeing Eva become independent really inspired me and made me think about what I should do. Noora helped me stick up to what I believe in and reminded me of the reason I should stick up for myself and for other girls. Sana taught me how to be fierce and how to not take shit from people. Vilde showed me that its ok to be wrong and to mess up because you will always have someone there to help you. Girl chris showed me that its always a good relief to have someone like her in a friend ship. Now, Isak and Even have taught me how to fight through everything. And that shit happens but you are never alone. Lastly, Thank you Julie Andem for creating skam because it has shaped me in so many ways. I wouldnt have the best friends I have now, I wouldnt be able to stick up for myself, and because of you and this show I no longer feel alone.

Karina, 30 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

I was touched many times by its beautiful messages despite the fact that my age and nationality do not match the target audience.

The biggest lesson Skam taught me is plain and simple: Love and kindness.

As a daughter of immigrants, Elias reminded me to be more understanding with my mother by saying to Sana that their mother comes from a very different and far place, that she doesn’t know what it is like to be them and that she wants the best for them.

Being minority in a western country, I felt in many ways represented by Sana. I can relate to her for the prejudice thrown at our faces more often than not in the country we were born and raised, for feeling like never fitting in, for having struggles inside our families due to the huge differences between only two generations, for the hard upfront but soft inside and for the strong love we have four our friends.
The things listed above are related to how lost I was growing up. Seeing Eva go through hardships in discovering her identity and then allow herself to explore all, including her sexuality, be neglected by her parents and accept her past mistakes and move on helped me in my self acceptance.

Many times we are told to look at the bright side and be positive. But as Yousef said, it doesn’t really help to pretend that prejudice doesn’t exist.
In my own process of personal growth, I find it important to acknowledge the vicious thoughts coming from me or from the outside, so I can either act on them and improve or learn to accept them as they are. But I shall do those with tolerance and love.

Thank you for creating these amazing characters, each with their own flaws and qualities, who make mistakes and learn from them, no superheroes or villains. You took the Norwegian teenagers seriously and we all know, that is not always the case. I truly believe Skam has made the world a better place.

Takk for alt, Julie, Mari, the cast, cameramen and everyone involved in this beautiful masterpiece ❤ !!!

Anonymous, 16 – London, United Kingdom

Most representations of the Muslim community, the LGBT community in the media etc.. are far fetched and over generalised where stereotypical representations are portrayed reflecting a minority. It’s shown that Gays are out GOING and Muslims are unbelievably disintegrated or suspects. The thing is with Skam it broke these barriers and it presented stories and ideas which not only are seen as taboo but are rarely discussed on tv. It promulgated ideas of nationalism and equality, problems with the refugee crisis and Capitalism. In a world and media saturated society ideas like these are rarely integrated into more ‘commen’ ideas such as sex and boys. The integration of theses almost teenage issues(sex) with more worldy and problematic issues (capitalism) was done with immense thought and was very successful. You have taught us more about LGBTs and Islam and Norway than school has ever done. So many people have misinterpretations about Islam but you have taught people who have never even heard of the culture more than religious education lessons ever will. And not to be soppy and cringe but genuinely thank you for not only bringing people together but teaching and educating through entertainment which so many must learn from. Because not only should we live life now but we must remember of all of those around us and make sure that everyone has the chance to live life in the now .

Astrid, 15 – Mexico

Skam changed a lot about me and mostly about the people surrounding me. I always had trouble expressing my beliefs to others. People surrounding me have always been very close-minded and I’ve always felt afraid of expressing my acceptance for every type of people. I figured a good way of doing this without straight forward talking about it would be recommending Skam, and it worked. My friends stopped making jokes about certain kind of people, and I even watched skam with my family every once in a while. They soon understood it was important for me to show in every possible way acceptance and love for each other and started to do it. I can’t express how grateful I am to every person behind skam. It’s definitely the most touching and meaningful Tv show I have ever watched. All the love.

Nina Dixon, 39 – NJ, United States

I found Skam while scrolling through my Facebook feed in April & came across a Vice article recommending the show- especially season 3. When I saw it was a teen show, I put off watching it but came back to it after Buzzfeed also posted an article. Now, I am constantly recommending it on all of my social media channels, to clients of all ages-especially adults & it even inspired me to start an LGBTQ+ youth group. I also blogged about it on Skam Appreciation Day here: where #ThankYouSkam trended #2 worldwide for 7 hours on series finale day! The cast & crew were absolutely amazing but hats off to Julie for her mastermind of breaking down barriers that the world so very much needed– & also to Siv, for providing extra nurturing & support to some of the fans. & last but not least, to all of the accounts that uploaded videos & texts with English subs!
Thank you for creating this website & providing an outlet to share our love for Skam 🙂

Camilla, 18 – Italy

Thank you Skam, because you made me realize how important it is to enjoy every little thing, or at least what seems to be little. Thank you because I saw myself, my pain and my happiness in every single character and it helped me go through such a lot, especially this year. Thank you because Skam is the only TV series so far that doesn’t stop on appearance but goes further, inside the truth of every character. Thank you Skam because, honestly, you changed my life.

Anonymous, 15 – Tallin, Estonia

Seeing a character that has a mental illness was so amazing to me. I have mental illnesses too, and the way I saw Even was so real, I related to him so much. Even made me feel much more normal. And even though I still have some problems, skam has made me feel like it’s okay. There also was a point in my life where skam had saved my life entirely, so I’ll be forever thankful for that.

Silhouette, 24 – Taiwan

My best memory is to watch SKAM in November of last year until now. I was much amazed by genuine and affecting performance Tarjei and Henrik did in season 3. They are natural but astonishing. I bursted into tears when Isak’s heart was once broken and being stunned by Even’s lonely brain with thinking. Even’s soft heart and sorrowful eye always take my breath away.

Especially, SKAM is an awesome work that I’ve never watched such authentic series that stirs up my feelings extremely. Every character is all of “ME”, they are so realistic. As a lesbian and a melancholic, same as Even; I always think I’m not deserved to be loved and understand well “the only way to have something in infinite time, is by losing it.” But now I’m struggle doing myself the way I am. Livet er nå!

I truly appreciate that SKAM let people know about LGBTQIA group and diminish misunderstanding of mental illness. Thank you for all SKAM crews give me not only goose bumps but also inspiration during this series. My sincere delight is not because SKAM changes the world much or saves all people from the hell, that’s “making me reflecting my life as well.” What I try best is to face uncomfortable conflicts and depression while life is still going on. I learn to be tender and become a more sympathetic person to people who are around.

I’m proud of myself, being proud of being a human being.


Takk for alt. Kjærlighet er på toppen!

Elina, 19 – Finland

I’m so grateful for this series. It’s been life changing for me. I’ve become so much more comfortable with myself and my sexuality; S3 will always have a special place in my heart. Skam has taught me many lessons about the world, Norwegian culture, islam, feminism… I’ve learned so much. It’s been a wonderful journey with wonderful people and it has also brought me and some of my friends much closer together. It’s sad the journey is now over, but I’m grateful I was part of all this. Thank you – alt er love. <3

Anonymous, 47 – Denmark

SKAM has given me the courage to look on my own shames and not feeling so lonely doing it. It has made me look at the girls with hijab with more love and it made me want to be a 17 year old boy and gay. And it made me spread more love ❤️ Thank you.

Andrés, 20 – Argentina

When I found out about Skam I watched the first 3 seasons in one night. I knew about Evak and I enjoyed the Eva’s and Noora’s seasons but what I really wanted to see was Evak’s story. Because, like every person who is not straight,or white, or just is not what is considered to be the norm, I am hungry for stories to feel connected with. After that night I had a long trip and in the car I couldn’t stop thinking about Evak, and how I wished I had these characters and stories when I was a teenager. Because although in terms of representation there’s a belief that the media has advanced, we still need honest and complex stories like the ones in the show.
Skam has filled me with joy and hope. Now it’s 3am and I can’t sleep and I’m writing this; feeling happy because this show exists and is available to every kid and teenager who feel like I felt when I was younger, and sometimes like I still feel

Az, 17 – United States

In the past couple of years, my anxiety has gotten a lot worse and sometimes everything piles up and gets way too overwhelming. In season 3, seeing the portrayal of mental illness and the love along with it, really has helped during the bad moments. Especially the idea of taking things minute by minute and never being alone. Every time I start to panic about the weight of the future, I remind my myself to take it minute by minute and day by day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart SKAM. Du er ikke alene.

Lily, 17 – United States

How I feel has never been easy to share with anyone, and it gets awful lonely at times. Skam has shown me that showing your emotions isn’t a bad thing and neither is asking people for help. Feelings are nothing to be ashamed of and a person isn’t weak for showing them. Now when I feel like my life is too messy to handle, I will remember that it is okay to depend on others and I don’t have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders alone.

Anonymous, 15 – London, United Kingdom

It sounds silly but skam has literally changed my life. I’ve learnt so much about love, Islam, sexuality, assault, loneliness, fear, mental issues, trust, caring for others and just being a good person. As I’ve been watching it for a long time I speak loads of Norweigian now too and can practically read it fluently. I’m a better, happier and kinder person now. Thank you SKAM and for everything you’ve done. I’ll never forget what you’ve taught me.

Ivana,18 – Serbia

SKAM made me realize something, who am I, I, with social anxiety watched a lot of shows because, free time, a lot of it, but this one just blew my mind and I connected to it so much in a way no other show/thing made me feel. I fell for almost every actor a bit cause I realized something, ”Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, Be kind. Always” means a lot, that hit me like a trainwreck and it has carved in my mind and it’s kind of a motto. Such an exceptional show, It has taught me we are all different and just because of that we don’t need to fear, talk shit about anyone because we barely know them, or their story, and we don’t need to reject others, and that we are not alone, and no matter what I’m struggling with I can talk to someone, anyone, and that nobody is alone, and nobody needs to go through a struggle alone, we can all help each other, and that we need to be better as persons. And there will be rain and pain, but there will also be good, happy times. And if we make a mistake, we are human, and we have good intentions. Sorry for text/story being all over the place and for, probably bad English, I probably have a mistake somewhere. The show kinda opened my mind, expanded it even more. And I love this idea of sharing our story, the show merged a lot of different persons, it’s cool to know that in the another place in universe someone is watching, and the show is maybe in some kind away helping them, maybe to come out, maybe to realize they are not alone, to fight for what they want, and maybe become a better person. It has taught me ‘Alt er love’ and ‘Du er ikke alene’

Bryana, 17 – Grand Rapids, United States

As an American, I feel that the t.v shows we have access to do not truly and realisticly reflect the lives of teenagers and the problems associated with growing up.
I discovered Skam halfway through season 3 from a post I saw on Tumblr. There were so many posts about the show that I just had to join in. So I researched the show and found subtitled videos and translated texts and began to watch it.
I learned so much about myself and others from season 1 and I was amazed at the realness of the stories that were being told. I could relate.
Season 2 taught me about the power of words and raised attention to eating disorders (even if it was brief). I learned about friendship, true friendship, and I even learned about relationships.
Season 3 was entirely different. I learned things, but I also could relate to the feelings being portrayed through the characters. I was amazed the show was raising awareness toward mental illness and homophobia. I learned about love and religion, and most importantly, not to be afraid to be who I am.
Season 4, the first season I experienced in real time, was perhaps the most eye opening of all. I truly learned about hate and fear and religion and stereotypes. I was able to learn more from a t.v show than I could have ever learned in school.
Skam has opened me up to a whole new world of love and acceptance. Even though the show has ended, the lessons learned will continue to follow me throughout my life.
Takk for alt Skam. Alt er Love ♡

Shelley, 18 – Brooklyn, United States

SKAM gave me the strength to go back on my antidepressants, after I had abandoned it for months, denying my mental health issues. SKAM gave me the courage to come out to my mom, even after I had given up hope. SKAM taught me that there is beauty and comfort in religion. SKAM taught me that friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life. Thank you, SKAM, for everything you’ve given me. I will never forget it.

Marianne, 46 – Oslo, Norway

I started watching SKAM in the spring of 2016. Immediately, with the sound of Jonas’ voice in the first minutes of SKAM, I fell in love with the series, the characters, the music, the storytelling.

Yet, it was season 3 that shook me to the core. I was not prepared. How much could the coming-out story of a 17 year old boy affect me, a separated grownup mum? But under the Mekke øl-clip, something happened. I had been living in a grey cloud for years, and my latest experience with relationship had drained me of energy. And then, the sight of the two crushing boys in the windowsill hit me so hard. I woke up.

With almost shock effect, SKAM reminded me of all the beautiful moments that have come and gone through life, which I had almost forgotten because life was too heavy for a while. I not only remembered these moments, I felt them so strongly again. And SKAM gave me faith in hat the beautiful moments in life will come back. SKAM made me want to fall in love again. SKAM reminded me of the magic that happens between people as long as we dare to show who we are. SKAM helped me look behind my own prejudices. It made me realize what fear of being rejected does to people. And had done to me. SKAM reminded me that it’s worth being open and honest. Despite the possibilities of being hurt. These reminders were aha experiences. Maybe because SKAM made me feel it first before thinking about it.

I may have finally realized how love can look like. And I have realized that I have people like Sana, Vilde, Jonas and all the others in the SKAM universe in my own life. And this has made me so grateful. SKAM has helped me look up and around me again, to look at people and to be seen. SKAM, unlike other shows, has not been an escape from reality. SKAM has woken me up to reality again. I am so endlessly grateful to SKAM and to the community around SKAM. Thank you for your masterpiece Julie Andem. Thank you all you incredible actors. Just imagine what you have created! Butterflies

Sude, 16 – Istanbul, Turkey

I saw a post on We Heart It. Someone posted The Boy Squad+William+P-Chris. And i looked at the tags and saw #skam. I searched about it and found this amazing show. Skam gave me(us) important thoughts about social life. All seasons has got a deep and beautiful messages. I still can’t believe that it finished. I don’t know how to thank for this. But all the cast and crew (mostly Julie and Mari) was perfect. All the character choices was amazing. Skam is love and life. Takk for alt💚

Tinna Boman, 27 – Sweden

SKAM took me completely by surprise.
I discovered it by accident, and before I knew it, I was completely drawn into its universe. It’s impossible to summarize what SKAM has meant to me, but what it did for me first and foremost was spark my musical creativity, resulting in one love song to Isak and Even, and one goodbye song. The latter is a tribute filled with sadness and sentimentality but above all gratitude for the ways in which it has affected me and the world around me.

This is my goodbye song to SKAM, I hope you enjoy it.

Martin, 20 – Aarhus, Denmark

The 1st time I watched Skam, I watched 3 seasons in 2 days (season 4 beginning on the 3rd day). As soon as the last credits of season 3 had rolled by, I began to cry. Not the kind of silent, single-tear crying that people like me do at the drop of a hat, but the kind of into-a-pillow-so-your-roommate-doesn’t-hear-you ugly crying that I hadn’t experienced in 3½ years. For the next 20 minutes, I did nothing else.
When finished with the initial sobbing, I began to reflect over what had brought it on. The first reason, I realised, was loneliness. For a long time, I hadn’t been able to reach out to people when I felt awful. This had left me stuck, alone in my brain, with no-one to build word-bridges to.
The second reason was a feeling that I had, like Isak, not been living “free and real”. Since a truly horrible 2013, I had lived by a philosophy of keeping people at arm’s length, because letting them in would give them a chance to hurt you. But this has never been what I truly felt. I have always wanted to trust people with my heart, and to let myself love, but I had managed to suppress that for such a long time that it had begun to tear at my humanity.
So upon watching season three, with Isak going through much the same experience, and coming out on the other side a better person, the floodgates burst open, and I could no longer avoid facing the truth – that I had been lying to myself. During the next week or so, I began taking care of my appearance, I vowed to begin actively pursuing romantic love, and I reached out to a friend for the first time in awfully long to let him share my burden.
God, it felt good. Today, just 3½ months later, I have a “greie” with the cutest guy, I am happy with how I look, I feel much more open towards my friends, and I feel like I’m much less afraid of being me. (While my story is quite like Isak’s, my inner development happens to mirror that of Sana.)
So to the entire crew, but especially Julie, Tarjei and Iman:
Takk for alt.

Stig Dyrdal, 29 – Norway

SKAM changed my life, simple as that.

I went from a self-loathing Isak to a self-loving Isak during the two last seasons. I realized that I don’t have to fit in with a set of rules that someone else has dictated for me, I can make my own rules and express myself in whatever way I see fit. I learned that we’re all Sanas. Not in the we-are-all-Muslim-girls-kinda-way, but in the way that we all have struggles and battles, and our biggest enemy is usually ourselves. And I learned how to be brave and trust myself.

I’ve met some pretty fantastic Sanas through SKAM, people that I am privileged and eternally grateful to have met and know. That’s why I love this show, because when Jonas starts his speech with “Dear Sana. This one is for you”, we were all Sana. The speech was to us. Fear might spread, but thankfully, so does love.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Julie and all the people that has been involved in making a show that has changed me on a fundamental level. Both on how I view myself as a person and how I view people around me. Alt er love <3

Anonymous, 18 – Sweden

I have struggled with mental illness for a long time, and I watched my friends go out and have fun and party, just like most of the characters in SKAM does, while I was lying at home in bed. I’ve always felt bad and like I was the only one, and then Linn came along, and just seeing someone like me was such a relief. Rakel portrays depression perfectly.

And then Henrik comes with his portrayal of a character with mental illness, and it’s amazing to see a show portray something that is often ignored or considered shameful.

Thank you SKAM, for representing mental illness.

Hannah, 23 – Germany

I found skam because I saw gifsets of the girls on tumblr. It’s what made me watch the show, these girls and their incredible friendship. Female friendships are the most beautiful to me and to see it like this on skam meant so much to me. To see how much they love and support each other, it’s all I ever wanted to see on show and I’m so Grateful I got that on skam. So thank you for this genuine, beautiful friendship, skam <3
(Also it was really interesting to see how much Norwegian I understand, just because I learned danish ;))

Anonymous, 35 – Malmö, Sweden

Skam has changed my opinion about my childhood. Grew up in a relatively dysfunctional family with a dad who was bipolar and a mother with alcohol problems. Throughout my life, I have been “embarrassed” and hidden my childhood from others. Worried about someone entering the facade I built around me. Skam has given me a new start to life and a network of great friends so I’m so forever grateful ❤️ #alterlove

Nille, 34 – Norway

THANK YOU SKAM, for making me more openminded, for making me realize I actually had prejudices, even though I thought I didn`t. And for making me fight those, everyday. For believing in, and living after the notes on Evens and Nooras closet doors (“Alt er love” and “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always”). Thank you for Isak & Even, the best lovestory I`ve ever seen. Thank you for all the weight I lost during season 3 😉 And thank you for all the friends I`ve made in this fandom. This is the best tv-show I`ve ever seen.

Joyce Tirado, 14 – Lajas, Puerto Rico

Even if it is the 21st century it’s so hard to find a show with so much representation and with real life issues. Yet skam brings both of those, it’s very realistic and diversed, and I’m so thankful for it. It touched my heart a bunch of times in many ways, letting people know that there’s a second chance on everything, that there’s tolerant people of every race, religion, etc. It shows the best and the worse of the world, and how there’s always a solution. It’s just a show that I 10/10 recommend everyone should watch, it definetly changes lifes. Thank you skam♡

Anonymous – San Francisco, United States

I began watching Skam about a month before the 4th season began. A friend told me “watch this show so we can talk about it. I think you will be amazed by it.” So I looked for it online, and began watching… and I was more than amazed. I can’t find a word to say how it made me feel. For the first time, a show was taking a young girl’s feelings and world view seriously, with kindness and compassion. I have never seen a girl’s life treated like that in a television show. I thought I’d watch a few episodes that night, maybe two, but I ended up watching about 6 episodes. I was addicted. I watched season 1 – 3 in one week. So many of the characters affected me and I fell in love with most of them. I felt like they were my friends. I could relate to Sana so much, showing a tough exterior that is hard to maintain. I loved Chris and wanted so much to hang out with her, especially on my bad days. Most of all, I was so thankful that Julie Andem created Even. As someone who has suffered from clinical depression and anxiety, I was so thankful to see a character on television that suffered from mental illness and had similar fears to mine. Will anybody love me even though I have been sick? Will I ruin people’s lives because I hurt them when I’m depressed? Am I too damaged to be loved? Will people get tired of me and all my problems? Watching Even be loved by Isak and for Isak to tell him that he was not alone gave me so much hope! People will love you despite it all. I felt so much braver after watching Even live his life, he is so brave. So brave I often ask myself “what would Even do?” And Isak’s word: Life is NOW. I remind myself of that every day. Thank you Julie Andem, thank you to the wonderful actors, thank you to everyone that made this show possible. Tusen takk! ALT ER LOVE

Kristina – Finland

SKAM has made me to do a lot soul searching these recent months after I discovered Isak’s season in April. It resonates in me in many ways. I was super moved by Isak’s journey and most of all by his courage to follow his heart and overcome his fears of becoming who he really is. I’m in a kind of similar situation that he was, I cannot openly be what I am, at work and with 90% people I know. It’s just a another kind of closet, I can’t bring myself to tell people I was diagnosed with Asperger’s 5 years ago, in fear of loosing credibility at work or becoming just a weird autistic person in people’s eyes instead of a real, feeling, intelligent person that has more sides to her than that. I love it how casual SKAM is about Isak falling in love with a boy, it is only one side to him as a person, he’s more than the label GAY. I don’t want to be labeled either. I hope some day I’ll be confident and open about my diagnose and don’t need to hide it.
The line “det er bare du som kan føle det du føler” means a lot to me, since I was always told I’m too emotional and overreact and basically my feelings are somehow wrong. Guess it’s because of my hypersensitivity related to autism. So I learned to push my feelings aside, ignore and downplay them. But I think from now on, I’m going to try respect my feelings more and say fu*k you ( in my head at least :D) to anyone telling me what to feel or not. And by listening more to those feelings I become more me.
Also,thank you Dr. Skrulle! Her describing people as small islands and how words are the only bridges connecting those islands, it’s a great metaphor. I will try to keep that in mind, even if dealing with people is getting more exhausting as I get older and the basic instinct is to find myself a lonely island somewhere and stop talking for good.

Sorry if this was too dark or weird for anyone. SKAM has brought so many happy moments to me. Thank you Julie, Tarjei and Henrik, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Monique, 41 – Vancouver, Canada

Who knew seeing a random gif on Tumblr of two boys cuddling in bed would bring me to where I am today. A place full of positivity and love. Full of lessons learned through relatable characters. Full of creativity and inspiration. And most importantly full of a whole new group of friends from around the world that I hold near and dear to my heart. Tusen takk SKAM. Alt er love. 💜💚

Anonymous, 13 – United States

I began watching SKAM directly after the first few episodes came out. I was pretty young- around eleven or twelve, and the show’s content really resonated with me because the people I’m exposed to aren’t very educated when it comes to the important stuff. There’s a lot of islamophobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. in my school environment and while those don’t really apply to me, I still always knew that the hatred wasn’t okay and to stand up against it. The show prompted me to research about these topics and become more familiar with them. Not to mention the actual acting and writing in the show is just wow. I know it sounds exaggerated but the show has really changed my life and the way I go about my days. The lessons in SKAM are the reason why it is now my favorite show to ever have existed.

Anonymous, 25 – Brussels, Belgium

Skam opened my eyes in many ways. It made me be more accepting of others and myself, and to appreciate the inner strength that each and every person has. As a person who struggles with anxiety, the idea of taking things day by day, hour by hour or minute by minute has really helped me in difficult moments.

Anonymous, 16 – Sweden

I’m so grateful that I found Skam. I had just cut off a few toxic friendships when I started watching the series.

Skam has given me strength, happiness and a belief that everything would be alright.
I’m so grateful for all the issues Julie has brought up during the series, and to have a character to relate to has been such an amazing help for me to get back up.
Because, just like Eva, I was pretty much alone; and I know that struggle of getting out of a toxic relationship so hard.

Especially the last season helped me and got me back on track. It started just when I was at the bottom and the feeling that I was not alone – that Sana was feeling the same thing got me back on top.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all the cast and crew for this show, for all you’ve done and for all the memories we will carry.

Me, 16 – Oslo, Norway

the most beautiful aspect of skam is in my opinion the unity it created. i know season 2 isn’t everyones favorite season, it’s not mine either, but holy shit! i don’t think anyone other than the ones who experienced it can fully understand how amazing it was when absolutely everyone watched and everyone was hooked. even my str8 highschool boi classmates who normally never would admit to watch anything like skam, obsessed over noora and william. my teachers found a way to talk about them during class, it was in the newspaper almost everyday and aaaaaaaaa. what a great time i miss it

Anonymous, 34 – Norway

What has SKAM ment to me? I get really emotional when I think about the impact SKAM has made. It has united people across nationalities, age, sexual orientation and religion. And that is not bad for a low budget TV-show. It has made me a better and more tolerant person. It made me relive my youth with all its sorrows, worries, insecurities, joy and friendships. Julie Andem has managed to create art in its purest form, and something that has the potential to actually contribute to changing the world. It has restored my faith in humanity. All teenagers should watch SKAM, it’s your job to lead the world forward. And all the young, talenter actors have blown me away! I have cried with them, laughed with them and, most importantly, loved with them. I am forever grateful❤️ Alt er love

Ruby, 18 – Australia

I am one of those people who found Skam just after season 3 ended. My friend and I found an article about it on Facebook and we became intrigued. I binged watched the whole show in three days.

Straight after finishing season 3 at 10pm, I started the season again and had to rewatch the entire thing. Whenever I am unsure or overwhelmed about life I go to Evak and those last words of season 3 “life is now” just remind me to breathe, and to remember that everything will be okay.

Then season 4 started. I got Tumblr and Twitter so I could keep up to date with everything. I started investing in not only the episodes but the texts and posts, the YouTube channel and well the fandom as well. Comments on content and analysis of clips defined my existence.

Now I am faced with a reality that hurts.

Skam is over.

I learnt so much about Islam through Skam, I also realised how little I knew, which resulted in hours of research. Sana is so strong and her faith is truely inspiring. I relate to her internal struggles so much, the moments in which she needed to say something the most were the moments when she was silent. This reality, I am sure, is relatable to many.

The role of Vilde throughout the entire show was stunningly portrayed. Vilde is the one character who is so real to me, her encounter with unreciprocated feelings during season 1, her eating disorder and self consciousness in season 2 and the revelation of her home life in season 4. I have seen it all, I have watched people closest to me experience these things, and I know how much they can hurt a person. The significance of Vilde and all the characters are monumental to me.

I just want to thank Skam so I much for this experience. And for bringing so much joy to my life and so many others.

Julie Andem is a genius and I can’t criticise a single decision she has made, the four seasons are so perfect to me, so precious, that I would never be able to say anything against her.

Takk for alt Skam ❤️❤️❤️

Gabby, 16 – Sydney, Australia

Thanks to Larry accounts on instagram I was introduced to evak. I saw the clip in which Isak came out to Jonas. It warmed my heart soo much and I needed to watch this show. I did my research and found english subbed clips. I am soooo grateful that I found this show. I can really relate to Isak on many levels and sesong 3 was definitely my favourite. Isak and Even really helped me come to terms with myself, especially Isak’s character development from season 1&2 to season 3 and to season 4. I have loved the unity of the fandom, being able to watch a clip in real time and see everyones reactions on tumblr, it has been my favourite experiences. I introduced this show to one of my friends who then told her sisters to watch it, I then told three others to watch it and one more is willing and wanting to watch the series. Every single one of those who have watched it said that it has made such a big impact on their lives and they all love the show so much. I am very sad this show is ending. I would have loved to see where it went and how much bigger it got but all in all I am so happy that I watched this show. Tusen takk for alt, SKAM. Jeg elkser deg.

Anonymous, 27 – Belgium

I dont watch TV drama, not in any language, but restrict myself only to watch football and anime series. But when i found out that theres a drama series from Norway that has a hijabi muslim as a character, i quickly got onto it to check it out. I am a Muslim in Europe and have never felt represented so well. There has been many muslim characters on TV but never one that i can relate with, and so few muslim women who wear headscarf are represented. In Europe, most boys have good Muslim role models in terms of Muslim football players, but for us practicing Muslim ladies, there are hardly any. So to see Sana Bakkoush and the actor Iman Meskini living life like us is so nice, finally we get a cool Muslim character which is not gang-related, or a suspect, or a sportsperson. Thank you Julie Andem and the whole SKAM production crew for giving us a spot.

Chloe, 17 – Australia

It has brought all of my friends together, created a community both online and IRL. It has represented the life of a teenager beautifully and has allowed me to look forward to something every morning 💕 I will truly miss Skam

Sara, 39 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

This show was truly amazing. You can relate to the characters so easily. The storyline and the characters and the visuals and music and the editing and the social media updates and the real time method and everything else was so well thought and it came together so perfectly on screen. Julie Andem is truly a genius. The actors also praise her a lot so it seems she really is doing her job pretty well. When I first got sucked into the Skam world I thought there must be something wrong with me. I’m 39 and I didn’t understand how I could be effected by a tv-show to such an extend that one day I was literally sweating and shivering: I could not wait for the next update. But then scrolling through the posts of Skam fandom-land I realized I’m not alone, We are not alone. Thank you Julie, thank you actors. We love all of you so much. I wish a very bright future to all of you. I especially admired Tarjei but really all actors were fantastic.
I know some people didn’t appreciate that the Sana season wasn’t entirely dedicated to Sana but there was some really serious and valid issues brought up there, – again I can totally relate to – I thought it was complete enough and then again all characters had to have a little mini-part just so that the whole show could be closed properly. (it was decided right before the Sana season that the show will not continue after so it makes sense)
Alt er love

Anonymous, 16 – Thailand

Skam has changed the way I view the world and made me feel happiness and hope in a way I haven’t for so long. I am not the same person that first started watching out of boredom; I have grown and learnt and improved through the powerful messages of each season. I have never felt so connected to characters, so engaged in a series, looked forward so much to each episode. The impact of Skam will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for everything, and the way such relevant topics in this present day are represented. Skam means so much to me, as well as to many others, and I am so glad to have been a part of this amazing fan base, and will forever continue to be. Alt er love<3

Olivia, 16 – Hawaii, United States

I am a person who isolates myself because I have always felt like I have to take care of my stuff and not bother others. I have experienced the isolation that Eva did in season 1, I have had to challenge my ideologies like Noora in season 2, and I have felt the pain of being stuck and lost when trying to find yourself like Isak felt in season 3. Seeing how these fictional characters have grown and come into themselves with the help of those around them has jolted me. I am challenging myself to be better, by letting others in instead of suppressing my thoughts and feelings. Skam is helping me become a happier human, so thank you for that. When I first started watching SKAM I would tell people that that translates into ‘shame’ in English. And everyone always asked me why it was called shame, if the show is about teenagers growing up why would it be plastered as shameful. And I always assumed that the title referred to the Shame each character felt about themselves and who they are. But now that I have seen them evolve I’m calling bullshit on this. The name of this amazing show is not titled for the inner conflicts of teenagers. It has to be named skam after the society’s shame. Because nothing these kids are doing is shameful, society is the one that is wrong and broken.

Ivana, 17 – Split, Croatia

Once I started watching SKAM,I couldn’t stop watching it.So many characters I could actually relate to completely, so many good stories, so realistic.It thought me a lot.It improved me and my self esteem at least a little.I’ve learnt that no one’s opinion should be more important to me than my own.I’ve learnt that everyone I meet is fighting a battle I know nothing about and to always be kind.I’ve learnt that I am never alone.I’ve learnt that good will eventually come back to me.I am forever grateful for this beautiful show.

Rim, 29 – Kolkata, India

It doesn’t happen too often that you come across something or someone that changes your life and nothing is the same anymore. I came across SKAM after season 2 was over and before season 3 started and since fall 2016 till now, had the time of my life. Although we are worlds apart and culturally so different, the struggle, love, and emotions these characters were feeling were so real. Fell in love when Isak and Even did, experienced the hurt with Sana, grew up with Eva and Noora, smiled with Vilde and Chris. God, every song, every message, everything is right up there if not perfect. And before you know Fridays are not Friday anymore and it’s Fredag and quoting every quote <3. I am so thankful to each and everyone who made this show happen and glad that I discovered it at the right time. SKAM will always be special no matter what comes. In another universe SKAM is still going on with Vilde, Even, Jonas or Chris as the main..Can we stay with you in here forever?

S., 19 – France

Skam made me realize about mental illness and how people with it are so much more than only their illness. It should never be a shame. It also made me meet awesome people, and it made me breathe and forget about my own problem. I still can’t believe it’s over, I will be forever thankful. Thank you Skam

Nima, 22 – Germany

I didn’t have a typical high school experience. A lot of the drama that shapes people and that friends bond over went completely over my head. But watching Skam was like retrospectively inserting those formative experiences into my life (that’s so weird to say, but it’s true).

I have never been in love and I honestly thought it was a made-up concept. I thought couples were silly and I thought heartbreak was a lie. Now I can empathise with people who are in love and I believe that that helps me be more compassionate and understanding of them.

I have started to admit to myself that having feelings (negative as well as positive ones) is okay and that sometimes all it takes to help another person deal with their problems is an honest conversation and a show of support. Takk for alt, Skam.

Saffia, 23 – United Kingdom

When I started watching Skam in November, I thought it was just a cute little TV show that would be fun to watch in my spare time. I never thought it would have such a huge impact on my life. I’ve struggled with my sexuality for so long and I related so much to Isak, more than any other fictional character I’ve ever seen on TV. I saw so much of myself in him, it was almost scary. But seeing him conquering his fears and coming out to his friends, and seeing them accept him and the fact he experienced so little backlash was so refreshing. So often in TV, gay characters experience violence and homophobia. I know this happens in the real world too, but stories like Isak’s also happen: where people confront their fears, come out, and are widely accepted by their loved ones, and there life is better for coming out. For me, that was so comforting and reassuring and, luckily, has been the case for me. Skam helped me come out to my friends, and I was completely accepted by them. And being mentally ill, I saw so much of myself in Even, too, so the fact that he and Isak were happy and had each other meant so much to me. Other seasons of Skam were beautiful too – I especially loved season one – and this series taught me so much about love, happiness, friendship, acceptance and bravery. I don’t ever really get invested in TV shows and I have never been as invested in a show as I was with Skam. I just really didn’t expect this little Norwegian show to change my life as much as it did, but it has, and I am so grateful. I am a happier person for watching this show and seeing the characters’ stories, and I will always remember that. Thank you Julie, thank you Skam ❤️

Veera, 22 – Finland

Thank you SKAM for showing me, that friends are the most powerful thing and they love you endlessly, even if you screw things up sometimes. SKAM has made me realize that true love can be found in unexpected places, and it can be the guy who takes all the tissues in the toilet. For a long time I thought I’ll never find anyone, that I have no chance to find love and I’ll end up alone. And following SKAM, seeing all those wonderful people finding love not only in relationships but friendships too. SKAM has made me to trust myself, to understand things I didn’t know much earlier, like mental issues, living with depressed mom, or different religions. That despite all our different lives, we all fit in and we all can love each other over boundaries. And most of all, thank you SKAM for making me happy through all your texts, clips, instagram posts and pictures. Alt er Love.

Mum, 44 – Oslo, Norway

People need people and people need Skam. The world would be a better place if more people could experience Skam. I am forever grateful for this life changing series. I will respectfully enter the rest of my life, by never, ever treat ANYONE with prejudice ever again. You deserve the Nobel Peace Price, Julie Andem, Thank you ❤️

Priyani Adhikari, 23 – Kolkata, India

Firstly I’m from India….. And in India people don’t understand what being gay, bisexual or Lesbian means. Maybe I am also one of them. But after watching SKAM I’m totally changed. People often tell that it’s wrong and two men shouldn’t be together and two women also shouldn’t be together. Now I feel like screaming on their faces… they are not hurting you so why care so much? And I also suggest my friend to watch SKAM.. to change their minds.. so thank you SKAM for helping me.

Emily Whelan, 15 – Dublin, Ireland

While watching season three of Skam I realized that I had a lot in common with Isak. I was struggling with my identity. I always knew I was different to other girls and always felt the need to fancy someone even though I never felt anything for any of the boys my friends liked. All of my friends and family now know who I really am. I came out on Christmas Eve to my Dad as gay. I use gay as an umbrella term as I don’t feel comfortable with any other labels but everyone knows that I am still not only attracted to females but multiple genders. Thanks to Isak and Even and the rest of the characters in Skam I realized that I am allowed be who I am and be comfortable in my own body and should disregard hateful criticisms of myself, especially when they come from myself. I now have the same fashion sense as Isak and dress however I feel comfortable. I related to Isak’s struggle when he was finding himself and it helped me with my own struggles and I will forever be greatful to Julie and Tarjei for creating such a beautiful character. I am also confident when speaking about my sexuality now because I know that it is just one of the factors that make me unique just like Isak 🙂 Skam has changed my life. Before it I was a confused “straight” girl with low self esteem and now I’m happy, confident, comfortable and gay af❤️

Marianne, 41 – Aarhus, Denmark

SKAM has shown me that all people have a story to tell, and that there is always a reason behind their actions. In the last three seasons I have been missing the previous main character in the beginning, thinking that I will not be able to “get into” the new story. And each time I have slowly been drawn into the new main character, until I could feel that person’s pain and insecurities, and wanting the best for them, as if I knew them in real life. The fact that everyone has a story to tell is an eye opener for me, and it has made me more aware when meeting people in my own life. Thank you to everyone behind SKAM – you have made the world a better place! <3

Nat Price, 18 – Belmont, United States

I am Pan and i also have a form of Manic depression and seeing Even’s struggle in Season 3 but how happy he became in Season 4 really helped me to realize that no matter what, things will get better and that was an incredible lesson for me to learn. (I even have my own Isak now <3). Thank you so much Julie, for such an amazing show, thank you to the cast for portraying diverse and beautiful characters, but thank you Henrik Holm for being such an amazing actor and helping me to find hope again. <3

Roy, 21 – México City, Mexico

It’s not often that mental illness is portrayed so humane and relatable in mainstream media, and I thank SKAM for that, watching Even going through some of the issues that I have and thrive despite them without pretending that they don’t exist, and Isak getting comfortable with who he is, and by accepting himself finding happiness has impacted my life greatly.
For years I was just letting life pass me by, but I’m resolved to change that because life is now and after all this time I don’t feel alone anymore.

Kristin, 27 – Oslo, Norway

I found SKAM a few episodes into season 1, and I was reminded of how insecure I was with the boyfriend I had when I was “Eva”‘s age. I was really impressed with how they managed to play that relationship out so realisticly. I really saw myself in “Eva”, not only because of her relationship with Jonas, but how she had no friends and had to make new friends at the new school. That was the case for me too, though it wasn’t for the same reasons as her. She found her gang and I found mine. I followed season 2 closely, but season 3 was more important for me. Not because I’m gay, but because I have a mental illness, similar to the one “Even” has. And because Tarjei is an amazing actor, and Henrik as well. The whole season was so touching, and I’ve already re-seen it many times. Season 4 was also very good, and I learned a lot. I’m re-seeing the whole thing right now. Thank you so much SKAM!

Anonymous – Sweden

Thank you Skam, for letting me have a manic friend in Even when I’m staying up a whole night to rewatch my favourite season. And thank you for letting me see that being a tiny bit mad won’t stop me from being able to have a wonderful relationship, if anything the opposite.

Anonymous, 32 – Norway

Have been following the show from the start. Moved to tears and so in love with all the characters and the amazing work by Julie Andem and the rest of the cast. No words can describe how talented and gifted you all are.
What moved me the most was S3. The out of this world acting of Tarjei and Henrik and Julie for making the most powerful storyline I have ever seen.
This season helped me tackle one of my biggest personal struggles. Having to struggle with depression my whole life,having a character like Even being portrayed with such warmth and heart. Having Isak fall in love with him, and still choose to be with Even despite his illness. Made deep impact on me and it still makes me cry when ever I hear or see the music or clips from that season. Seeing Evens struggle, Isaks coming out and all of his friends beeing understanding and full of love was so big and a gamechanger for me.
Love conquers all…. What a naive but important thing to learn.
Learning that you are loveable and have selfworth are some really big things wrap your head around. And I am still working on it. Skam helped me on my journey….. I did’nt feel so alone. The Characters in all the seasons has made an impact on me in some way.
So thank you, thank you Skam cast, Julie, kosegruppaDK and the whole skam-family.
You have changed my life….. ❤️

Anonymous, 31 – Norway

I’m not in the target group, not by far, so I like to blame the literature junkie in me for getting hooked. I’m a sucker for good stories, for well told stories, and for the way stories are told – and Skam kinda hit the jackpot there. The way the characters was knitted into your life, even when you were far, far off the target group, the way you felt what they were feeling – the joy, the pain, the loneliness, the love, it was an amazing journey, and pure literary magic. I am forever grateful and supremely proud that Skam was created in Norway!

I loved Isak from the very first episode, and would have loved his season no matter what, but I must admit I was very much face punched with my own predjudice with Even. You see, I didn’t want Even to be sick, and I argued his “healthiness” at all costs. But when his story unraveled, and Isak stepped up, I understood. Even was just Even all along. We loved him when we didn’t know his story, and that didn’t change when we found out – and THAT is what young people with mental illnesses needs to know! They are fun and cool and wonderful and everything else in spite of, because of, and also not remotely related to what their struggles are. And we all needed that! We really did!

#jegerjoikketrist #alterlove

Sofia, 28 – Sweden

From the very first episode of season one, I was hooked. I would have never imagined that I, basically an old lady in comparison with the characheters, could become so emotionally involved in their lives. They have awokened forgotten teenage angst and love, reminded me of the invincible feeling of true friendship, and they have broadened my perspectives. For this, I am forever grateful. I will miss you more than words can express.

Tine, 46 – Køge, Denmark

Thank you for making me feel like I was 17 years old again.
I relived all the emotions from my youth:
Love, hate, misunderstandings, conflicts, happiness, excitement, fear, frustrations and shame…
I really got convinced, that the characters were real. And they were my Friends.
So now I am in a weird kind of limbo. My friends are suddenly gone. I am never going to see them again. I am in a grieving process.. But also so happy that I got to know them in the first place…

I applaud you Julie Andem & crew for creating SKAM – the best serie I have ever seen.
I applaud all the actors and actresses – you all acted to perfection.

Alt er Love

Anonymous, 56 – Denmark

Skam was recommended to me twice in the same weekend in august 16. So I started watching the two first seasons and was so caught up in the Skam-universe, that I watched them twice within a week. I was SO ready, when season three launched and was actually, accidently and luckily awake the night Isak took off as main character at a party at Eva’s house. It became the beginning of the most wonderful journey I’ve had for a long time. From then I followed the netdrama in realtime, which is a fantastic concept: very infatuating!
Skam is a brilliant masterpiece that makes you want to be a better person, which is a really great achievement.
Julie Andem is no less than a genius and I thank her a lot for creating this grand message to people of all ages and of any origin that we should all be forgiving and kind. Julie Andem is a true and modern hippie – and this is meant as a cadeaux ❤️

Lina, 40 – Finland

Skam taught me to see the love that is around me. I had forgotten how it feels to be in love but living the love story of Isak and Even with them reminded me of it and made me notice all the love that I recieve irl. So after 21 years of dating I got married. Seriously. Thank you Julie Andem, the Skam cast and crew and the fabulous fandom.

Anonymous, 16 – Reykjavik, Iceland

Dear Julie Andem, you have created the best thing in my life. Takk, takk, takk for alt. You have touched so many people. I am forever grateful for Skam. I could cry just thinking about Skam or hearing a song that reminds me of it. You did that Julie Andem, you did that.

#takkforalt #alterlove #thisisforever #youareforever #weareforever