Keona, 15 – San Leandro, United States

Thank you so much skam because starting from the first season, it was so relatable and I felt alone because of the “friends” I had and seeing Eva become independent really inspired me and made me think about what I should do. Noora helped me stick up to what I believe in and reminded me of the reason I should stick up for myself and for other girls. Sana taught me how to be fierce and how to not take shit from people. Vilde showed me that its ok to be wrong and to mess up because you will always have someone there to help you. Girl chris showed me that its always a good relief to have someone like her in a friend ship. Now, Isak and Even have taught me how to fight through everything. And that shit happens but you are never alone. Lastly, Thank you Julie Andem for creating skam because it has shaped me in so many ways. I wouldnt have the best friends I have now, I wouldnt be able to stick up for myself, and because of you and this show I no longer feel alone.

Karina, 30 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

I was touched many times by its beautiful messages despite the fact that my age and nationality do not match the target audience.

The biggest lesson Skam taught me is plain and simple: Love and kindness.

As a daughter of immigrants, Elias reminded me to be more understanding with my mother by saying to Sana that their mother comes from a very different and far place, that she doesn’t know what it is like to be them and that she wants the best for them.

Being minority in a western country, I felt in many ways represented by Sana. I can relate to her for the prejudice thrown at our faces more often than not in the country we were born and raised, for feeling like never fitting in, for having struggles inside our families due to the huge differences between only two generations, for the hard upfront but soft inside and for the strong love we have four our friends.
The things listed above are related to how lost I was growing up. Seeing Eva go through hardships in discovering her identity and then allow herself to explore all, including her sexuality, be neglected by her parents and accept her past mistakes and move on helped me in my self acceptance.

Many times we are told to look at the bright side and be positive. But as Yousef said, it doesn’t really help to pretend that prejudice doesn’t exist.
In my own process of personal growth, I find it important to acknowledge the vicious thoughts coming from me or from the outside, so I can either act on them and improve or learn to accept them as they are. But I shall do those with tolerance and love.

Thank you for creating these amazing characters, each with their own flaws and qualities, who make mistakes and learn from them, no superheroes or villains. You took the Norwegian teenagers seriously and we all know, that is not always the case. I truly believe Skam has made the world a better place.

Takk for alt, Julie, Mari, the cast, cameramen and everyone involved in this beautiful masterpiece ❤ !!!

Anonymous, 15 – London, United Kingdom

It sounds silly but skam has literally changed my life. I’ve learnt so much about love, Islam, sexuality, assault, loneliness, fear, mental issues, trust, caring for others and just being a good person. As I’ve been watching it for a long time I speak loads of Norweigian now too and can practically read it fluently. I’m a better, happier and kinder person now. Thank you SKAM and for everything you’ve done. I’ll never forget what you’ve taught me.

Anonymous, 26 – Lofoten, Norway

I en alder av 19 år mistet jeg bestevennen min for han skammet seg så over å være homofil. Skam er serien jeg lenge har tenkt på burde ha kommet. Tusen takk Skam for at dere har oss lærdommer på en så fantastisk fin måte, for at dere har tatt de vanskelige problemstillingene å vist verden hvordan ting skal være. Jeg er utrulig stolt over at en liten gruppe mennesker fra lille Norge kan være med på å sette vanskelige ting på agendaen, at dem viser hvordan det er å være ung på en så ekte og genuin måte. Vi har en lang vei å gå for å få bukt med fremmedhat, homofobi ol. men Skam har gjort veien litt kortere.

Anonymous, 40 – Aarhus , Denmark

Håb, modløshed, forelskelse, frustration, glæde, lettelse, kærlighed og og og …
Mit ny-tillærte norske begreb, “berg- og dalbane”, passer perfekt på min oplevelse af Skam. På de følelser jeg gennemlevede. På en måde parallelt til mit rigtige liv.
Når jeg bekymrede mig over Isak, der var helt alene i et helvede på jord eller da tårerne løb ned ad kinderne, da Los Losers bussen kom som en befriende frelsende kikset rød engel og frelste Sana!
Men hvad har ændret mig og sat spor i mig?
Helt klart Nooras lille citat på væggen ved spejlet.
“Everybody is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always!”
Det har ændret både min opfattelse af mig selv, når jeg ser mig i spejlet, men allermest i mødet med mine medmennesker.
Be kind. Always❤️

Me, 16 – Oslo, Norway

the most beautiful aspect of skam is in my opinion the unity it created. i know season 2 isn’t everyones favorite season, it’s not mine either, but holy shit! i don’t think anyone other than the ones who experienced it can fully understand how amazing it was when absolutely everyone watched and everyone was hooked. even my str8 highschool boi classmates who normally never would admit to watch anything like skam, obsessed over noora and william. my teachers found a way to talk about them during class, it was in the newspaper almost everyday and aaaaaaaaa. what a great time i miss it

Anonymous, 34 – Norway

What has SKAM ment to me? I get really emotional when I think about the impact SKAM has made. It has united people across nationalities, age, sexual orientation and religion. And that is not bad for a low budget TV-show. It has made me a better and more tolerant person. It made me relive my youth with all its sorrows, worries, insecurities, joy and friendships. Julie Andem has managed to create art in its purest form, and something that has the potential to actually contribute to changing the world. It has restored my faith in humanity. All teenagers should watch SKAM, it’s your job to lead the world forward. And all the young, talenter actors have blown me away! I have cried with them, laughed with them and, most importantly, loved with them. I am forever grateful❤️ Alt er love

Ruby, 18 – Australia

I am one of those people who found Skam just after season 3 ended. My friend and I found an article about it on Facebook and we became intrigued. I binged watched the whole show in three days.

Straight after finishing season 3 at 10pm, I started the season again and had to rewatch the entire thing. Whenever I am unsure or overwhelmed about life I go to Evak and those last words of season 3 “life is now” just remind me to breathe, and to remember that everything will be okay.

Then season 4 started. I got Tumblr and Twitter so I could keep up to date with everything. I started investing in not only the episodes but the texts and posts, the YouTube channel and well the fandom as well. Comments on content and analysis of clips defined my existence.

Now I am faced with a reality that hurts.

Skam is over.

I learnt so much about Islam through Skam, I also realised how little I knew, which resulted in hours of research. Sana is so strong and her faith is truely inspiring. I relate to her internal struggles so much, the moments in which she needed to say something the most were the moments when she was silent. This reality, I am sure, is relatable to many.

The role of Vilde throughout the entire show was stunningly portrayed. Vilde is the one character who is so real to me, her encounter with unreciprocated feelings during season 1, her eating disorder and self consciousness in season 2 and the revelation of her home life in season 4. I have seen it all, I have watched people closest to me experience these things, and I know how much they can hurt a person. The significance of Vilde and all the characters are monumental to me.

I just want to thank Skam so I much for this experience. And for bringing so much joy to my life and so many others.

Julie Andem is a genius and I can’t criticise a single decision she has made, the four seasons are so perfect to me, so precious, that I would never be able to say anything against her.

Takk for alt Skam ❤️❤️❤️

Gabby, 16 – Sydney, Australia

Thanks to Larry accounts on instagram I was introduced to evak. I saw the clip in which Isak came out to Jonas. It warmed my heart soo much and I needed to watch this show. I did my research and found english subbed clips. I am soooo grateful that I found this show. I can really relate to Isak on many levels and sesong 3 was definitely my favourite. Isak and Even really helped me come to terms with myself, especially Isak’s character development from season 1&2 to season 3 and to season 4. I have loved the unity of the fandom, being able to watch a clip in real time and see everyones reactions on tumblr, it has been my favourite experiences. I introduced this show to one of my friends who then told her sisters to watch it, I then told three others to watch it and one more is willing and wanting to watch the series. Every single one of those who have watched it said that it has made such a big impact on their lives and they all love the show so much. I am very sad this show is ending. I would have loved to see where it went and how much bigger it got but all in all I am so happy that I watched this show. Tusen takk for alt, SKAM. Jeg elkser deg.

Anonymous, 25 – Norway

TAKK Skam!!

Jeg begynte ved en tilfeldighet å se da sesong 2 gikk, og der og da ble jeg hekta på sekundet. Det var da William og Noora var på første date.
Var litt usikker i starten på om William ville ha Noora kun fordi hun var avvisende, men så fort at det var mer der.
Altså den kjærlighetshistorien deres har grepet meg så voldsomt, aldri opplevd noe lignende. De to som manglet foreldrene i livet sitt, som slet med å føle seg elsket.
Egentlig to ensomme sjeler som gradvis åpnet seg mer og mer for hverandre, den “Angst” episoden er noe av det sterkeste jeg har sett. Noora som til slutt bryter sammen i armene til William, etter å ha stengt seg inne i flere dager. Han skjønner at det er noe galt, og passer på henne. De som sier han utnyttet og presset henne lyver, eller har ikke sett hele sesong 2. Så mye kjærlighet han viser henne, og den talen “mennesker trenger mennesker”. Fantastisk.
Alle sesonger har tatt opp viktige temaer, og hver og en betyr ulikt for oss.
Isak sin sesong tok opp homofili som er viktig, men for meg ble ikke den noe engasjerende. Den ble litt kjedelig sammenlignet med sesong 2, det var nesten kun om Evak hele tiden. De andre ble nesten helt borte.
Nå følte jeg på en måte nesten en sorg , Noora kom tilbake uten William fra London.
Tenkte , nei det kan ikke skje…. Var alt det de hadde bare en drøm, ja, Thomas H hadde sluttet så de fikk et problem. Men det var vondt å se på, var hele sesong 2 forgjeves? Så kom sesong 4 som ble en litt annerledes, men veldig bra! Ja, siste sesong de betydde at vi fikk se mer av de andre igjen!
Det ble endel prat om William, så jeg begynte tidlig å håpe på at han kom tilbake…
Så da endelig stiger han ut av bilen, tror aldri jeg har vært så glad!
Resten er historie, vi har vel aldri sett dem så lykkelige som da de kom tilbake etter 4 dager. Williams historie fra Bygdøy, fantastisk! De to har en så fantastisk kjemi, alt blikk berøring osv. Det blir så ekte, skulle så gjerne sett mer av de to. Takk Julie Andem

Anonymous, 27 – Belgium

I dont watch TV drama, not in any language, but restrict myself only to watch football and anime series. But when i found out that theres a drama series from Norway that has a hijabi muslim as a character, i quickly got onto it to check it out. I am a Muslim in Europe and have never felt represented so well. There has been many muslim characters on TV but never one that i can relate with, and so few muslim women who wear headscarf are represented. In Europe, most boys have good Muslim role models in terms of Muslim football players, but for us practicing Muslim ladies, there are hardly any. So to see Sana Bakkoush and the actor Iman Meskini living life like us is so nice, finally we get a cool Muslim character which is not gang-related, or a suspect, or a sportsperson. Thank you Julie Andem and the whole SKAM production crew for giving us a spot.

Ellinor, 16 – Stockholm, Sweden

Jag har länge vart osäker på mig själv. Jag har inte tyckt jag vart snygg nog, smal nog, tillräckligt rolig eller snäll nog. Jag har känt mig ensam även fast jag har flera vänner. Jag har länge tänkt att jag inte är den personen som kan älska en annan människa, och inte heller kan en annan människa älska mig. Men jag har haft fel. Det är SKAM som har fått mig att se hur fel jag haft. När jag har varit ledsen eller mått dåligt har alltid något avsnitt av SKAM fått mig glad igen. Bara att se bilder eller höra karaktärernas namn har gjort mig glad. Om det inte varit för SKAM hade jag fortfarande sett mig själv som en liten ful prick, vilket inte är sant. SKAM är bara början på min resa, men oj vilken rivstart det har varit. Utan Noora hade jag inte lärt mig att vara omtänksam och rättvis. Utan Vilde hade jag inte sett hur dåligt ens självförtroende och självkänsla kan bli. Utan Sana hade jag inte lärt mig att alltid stå för det man sagt och att alltid lita på sina vänner. Utan Isak hade jag inte förstått att alla människor är värda lyckan av att älska andra. Och utan Even, kära Even, så hade jag aldrig lärt mig att acceptera mig själv. Precis som Even är jag pansexuell. Men jag känner mig utanför och ensam, för jag verkar inte kunna relatera till någon alls. Men till Even kan jag känna saker. Något vi har gemensamt. Utan honom hade jag aldrig lyckats förstå att jag är lika normal, och speciell, som alla andra. Att det är värt att fortsätts kämpa och att dina vänner alltid finns där för dig.

Tack SKAM, för att du har gjort mig till en bättre och mer uppmärksam människa.

Maria, 29 – Denmark

SKAM has changed the way I see myself as an outsider, someone that has strugled with low selfasteem my entire life. Through SKAM I have learned to accept that I am okay and that I am not alone. I have strugled with depression since my early teens and have always felt that I was alone and that I was wrong but SKAM has shown me that there is no shame in mental illness, and that the people that truly love me will do so regardless of my illness. I have learned to share my story and to be proud of myself for fighting everyday! Thank you SKAM! I will never forget the impact this show had on my life <3

Anonymous, 57 – Oslo, Norway

I learned about Skam from my daughter who is an alumni from Nissen VGS. What finally made me hook up with the series was very favorable reviews in Norwegian newspapers at the end of season 1. Since then I have been a devoted fan, following Skam on a daily basis, participating in discussions on Twitter, Facebook and lately also Instagram. Through participation in the Skamfandom on social media, I have learned to know a lot of new, interesting people, some also in real life. I have fully enjoyed the whole experience, including also witnessing how a small narrowly targeted Norwegian TV series reached a world wide audience during the autumn of season 3. I have enjoyed discussed Skam with the young people in my immediate vicinity. I have also been able to use Skam in my work (being a professor at the University), most recently this week, where I referred to Dr. Skrulle’s advice to Chris, to convince a young student that she should believe in her own abilities to achieve. Skam has also helped me better understand how social media impact the lives of young people today. All in all, Skam including the extended Skam-universe created by the fandom has been, and will continue to be for some time at least , such an enormously rich source of inspiration, enlightenment and entertainment. #thankyouskam for making all this happen.

Monamoon, 22 – Tianjin, China

Skam is about to end, and this is one of the most unsolved episodes I’ve ever been in. It’s only since season 3 that I started to recognize the show, and then I’m going to go back to season 4.
Add Facebook’s many skam fan groups to messages to holm on instagram. Buy all kinds of things I can buy around my friends. I did something I would never do before.
So much like a play, a character, a person.
Despite the fact that skam world is known, I hope they belong to me. I don’t want to imagine what it would be like after that. Maybe I’ll lose my enthusiasm soon, maybe a new idol. I can’t guarantee that my love for them has been feverish, and I can only say that I must be smiling when I see the news again.
I wish they had a very good development, everyone on the set. I know they won’t be together again.
For the first time, I tried to learn to stand in the land they had passed. Every day I work hard, hoping that one day I’ll be able to watch tata’s musicals in Oslo, or go to my mom’s restaurant. This day must not be far, for I am fighting for the stars.

Tatevik, 22 – Yerevan, Armenia

i found out about Skam accidentally….. and i kinda fell in love with it from the 1st sight! yup, turns out there’s Love from 1st sight and it can be really, really strong! Skam is…….. idk! there are no words to describe what Skam is and how it makes me feel! i love it! is something special!
tbh i have a lot to say, but right now…. after watching last part…… i can think about nth, but how beautiful it was and i can say nth, but that i’m in tears….. thanks, Skam! you change the world, you change people! thanks for what you are! thank you for making others to understand the struggle of minorities, even tho i’m one of those “privileged” ones, i feel much better to know my friends, who struggle in fact, can get less discrimination because of their religion or orientation or who they are….. thanks you Skam!
p.s. maybe one day i will make up my mind and really write my Skam story…… LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous, 39 – Stockholm, Sweden

I found skam by x-mas when SVT released the 2:nd season and went through it in a weekend. Husband, kids, kleening, everything was on hold until I was through the seasons. Then a few days later season 3 was released. I was through it 24 hours! (The first time, after that I have ree-seen all seasons a million times)

Skam has given me my teenyears back for a second time! I Love the characters, I Love the stories, I hate when they are in pain, and hurt when they are hurting. All is black and white again as it was in your teens. The grey areas of life that comes with age gives me a deeper understanding of the series and Omg the work, the details, the characters WOW!

Julie Andem and all her crew, what you have done here is amazing! All from reasearch to casting is nothing but perfection! You have given us pain, understanding, love, friendship but most of all acceptance!

A million thank you from a big fan in Sweden! Allt er love!

Cecilie, 49 – Denmark

I have enjoyed the stories. I have enjoyed seeing the strong morality SKAM has. The things that are hard to say without being very boring or very superficial, was told repetitously and sincerely, in a way that made young people not only tolerate the message, but hunger for more.
I am happy that this message is being told to my daughter, and even more happy that it is given to all the people she will be young together with. I want young people to be kind, brave and forgiving, so that my daughter can have a tolerable or even wonderful youth.
I am an old nerd, and a series so full of references, symbols and allusions has been wonderful for me to share with nerd and enthusiasts of all ages. How lovely for once to not be treasure hunting alone, to not be talking about depths and connotations for deaf and bored ears, but to be in a conversation with at least 48,000 others in the Danish Kosegruppa!
Thank you.

Elma, 20 – Norway

SKAM has revolutionized and forever encapsuled the contemporary lives of all of us Norwegian teenagers. It has opened the world to our culture, and – especially in the last season – shown that Islam is not something evil. And for that, I thank you all!

Cecilie Kruse, 17 – Denmark

SKAM har taget mig med storm. Jeg er kæmpefan af Julie Andems kunstværk. For jeg mener, at det er et kunstværk til folket, Andem har lavet. Det har været en vidunderlig rejse gennem SKAM. Egentlig synes jeg også det er dybt fascinerende og flot, at fordomme er blevet nedbrudt og vendt til, at man tør være et mere nysgerrigt menneske på den måde, at man spørger ind til noget, man måske ikke forstår. Andem er guru med hele det format SKAM har været og hvordan både unge og voksne har levet sig ind i serien på og brugt det til at spejle sig selv i og dermed blive et bedre menneske på denne jord! Noget som verden længe har trængt.
Jeg aner ikke hvordan mit liv ser ud i morra eller i fremtiden, men egentlig er det også lige meget, for livet er nå! Jeg har siden november 2016 levet i en boble af at være Isak, Sana og alle de andre. En boble der på en måde slutter sammen med SKAM, men for evigt vil være med mig. SKAM har rørt mig dybt i hjertet og hjernen. Jeg er blevet opmærksom på ting jeg ikke anede var vigtige eller centrale for mig som person. Jeg kan se en udvikling i mig selv over det sidste halve år og det skyldes en del, alt det SKAM og universet omkring SKAM har givet mig. Jeg er vokset som person og SKAM har givet mig endnu flere styrker end jeg havde i forvejen. Så tak for hjælpen SKAM!
En kæmpe stor tak til cast og crew på SKAM. Dere er dritkule! I har arbejdet med SKAM i flere år og har gjort en fantastisk jobb! Jeg takker for alt det arbejde som Andem gjorde inden, for I har formået at lave den til dato mest realistiske ungdomsserie, som jeg er evig taknemlig for! Castet på SKAM er virkelig også for vildt ass. I har gjort det så kæmpebra med skuespillet og udviklet rollerne dere!
Andem har givet os de bedste citater og jeg vil forsøge at leve livet mit sånn.
Som Even siger det til Isak: Den eneste måten å ha noe i uendelig tid på, er det å miste det. Og Even har jo ret for pokker. SKAM slutter nu, men vil for altid være gemt i hjertet mit! <3

TAKK! <3

Clara, 22 – Germany

I’m so thankful for SKAM for many reasons. First and foremost, it has connected me with people all over the world who I am now fortunate enough to call my friends. It has showed me the power of friendship, of love, of hate, of everything life holds. It has taught me to open up, because bottling stuff up only leads to problems. SKAM made me learn Norwegian and every day, I find myself talking in norsk in my head (or to my cat haha). It has introduced me to characters that have influenced my life in such a great way that I never thought possible. SKAM isn’t just a TV show. SKAM has been a part of my life for the past 7 months, and I will forever hold it in my heart.
Tusen takk Julie for bringing this masterpiece to life. Thank you Lisa for Eva, who I see myself in so much that it almost hurts, for portraying a girl that parties, drinks, hooks up, struggles in school, but isn’t shamed for it, and who has one of the biggest hearts ever. Thank you Josefine for Noora, a wonderful feminist who takes no sh** from anyone and inspiring me to do so too. Thank you Tarjei for Isak who got me into this show and one of the best theatrical performances i have seen in a long time. Thank you Iman for Sana who i love with all my heart and for giving us an insight in Islam. Thank you Henrik for Even who showed us you can live a happy fulfilling life even with a mental illness. Thank you Ulrikke for Vilde, thank you Ina for Chris, thank you Marlon for Jonas, thank you David for Magnus, thank you Sacha for Mahdi; all of you made up the best squads. Thank you Carl and Rakel for Eskild and Linn, the best roommates. Thank you to everyone else involved who made this show happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this journey.
Alt er love frå Tyskland. Jeg savner SKAM allerede og vil alltid.

Lucie Rendlová, 23 – Czech Republic

My SKAM story? I don’t even know where to begin. I found this Norweigan tv show in October? Yeah it was October. I was in really bad place and spending my free time only on the internet. On Tumblr i saw this cute gay couple cuddling on the bed. That clip was 6 minutes long. SIX FUCKING MINUTES. I couldn’t believe it. This particular scene was and still is unique. You don’t see something like this very often. That softness and seeing 2 boys being so pure. It literally made me cry. In that moment i knew i need to know more. I spent the whole day searching and searching and searching. Then i found some angel translating norweigan subs to english subs. (BTW can’t express my gratitude. Those people saved many lives translating this amazing show. Don’t be mad at them please.) I stayed awake that night binge watching 2 seasons i missed. After the first episode of season 1 i knew. I felt different. I felt like i am being part of something great and bigger than myself. Since that night i watched skam in real time. Every day felt better and better. I lived their lives. I felt heartbroken when they were heartbroken. I was happy when they were happy. Those little everyday updates? Simple ig post, messenger message .. made my day whole day better. I met so many wonderful people thanks to your show. I made friends for life. When i found out about season 4 being the last season? I cried. Yes i did. I couldn’t imagine my life without everyday updates and being able to see the next advetures of our fave characters. Now i know skam actually doesn’t end. It’s with me .. us. Forever. In our hearts we are gonna treasure those precious memories. So i wanna thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life changing experience. I will never forget.
Alt er love from Czech Republic.

Anonymous, 19 – Antwerp, Belgium

I absolutely adored SKAM. I only started watching it a few months ago, but the first episode immediately had me hooked. I watched the first 3 seasons in a day and a half and I have 0 regrets. I just want to say thank you to the writers of this masterpiece, you have made me reevaluate my life and the way I live it, by showing that everybody struggles, everybody has flaws and that is okay, no need to dwell on the past. Thank you for showing how teens can battle through life without their parents, that sometimes we make our own family by choosing the right friends. Thank you for the amazing soundtrack, never thought I would jam to Norwegian music on my way to university. Thank you for showing different perspectives on teen life, for making me rethink some of my assumptions about things such as mental issues and religion. Thank you for SKAM, with pain in my heart I will say goodbye to all these characters that would have been my friends in real life 4SURE.

(The only thing I hated about this show was the choice of shoes, like no?? On the other hand, the actors were too gorgeous so their footwear kind off balanced it out, made them a little more approachable)

Maria Groth, 32 – Sweden

Hela min ungdomstid och vuxen ålder har jag slitit med depression och kraftiga svängningar i måendet. För ca tre år sedan fick jag min diagnos Bipolär sjukom typ 2. Mitt liv har sedan dess förändrats mycket. Denna förändring har skett under längre tid och håller fortfarande på. Att få diagnosen var livsavgörande för mig. Istället för att motarbeta mig själv började jag försöka lyssna på mig själv. Istället för att förbanna mig själv började jag trösta mig själv. Hårda ord blev mjuka. Tankar på död blev tankar på liv. Mitt i allt detta upptäckte jag SKAM. Jag tittar och gillade det jag såg men det var först i säsong 3 som jag blev helt tagen. När jag lärde känna Even kunde jag se mig själv i honom jag kunde känna igen demonerna. Det var till en början lite läskigt. Genom att se på Even och känna hans lidelse kunde jag också se på mig själv med större ödmjukhet och värme. Jag har och håller fortfarande på att bygga upp mig själv och vara så snäll jag bara kan med mig själv och detta speglas även utåt. Jag har märkt att ju snällare jag är med mig själv desto mer kan jag ge andra. Jag har haft turen att få möta Henrik Holm och nervöst fått berätta hur mycket hans karaktär betytt för mig. Han var så fin och snäll och tog sig tid att prata med mig. Efter det mötet kände jag mig så lycklig. Jag var så lycklig över att alla dessa underbara personer har fått en röst och att de använder den så fint och modigt. Jag är så tacksam för SKAM som tar upp så mycket av olika tabun som människorna kämpar med.
Jag är så otroligt tacksam. Jag är tacksam för att mitt liv vände. Jag är tacksam för att jag får må bra. Jag är tacksam för att SKAM har varit med mig i den processen. Jag är 32 men känner att jag har massor av liv att reclaima och då var det fint att få börja och relatera till ungdomar. Julie Andem, Henrik Holm och ALLA ni som har varit inblandade i SKAM. Ni är så jævla DEILIG och förtjänar varenda parad i hela världen. Jag älskar er och önskar er all lycka i livet! Alt er love

Anonymous, 37 – Oslo, Norway

I started watching SKAM in the fall of 2015 because my pupils (lower scondary) recommended it to me. I was never really a fan of the “high school”-genre, so I expected to watch mainly in connection with work. It quickly turned into my favourite show, however, and watching it became both a favourite pasttime and something I anticipated during the week!
Deilig er jorden was a highlight of seson 1, and by the clip released on May (which was my favourite of season 2, BTW) I realised that the show wasn’t just cute and “good for a Norwegian show”, but something extraordinary!
The values fronted by showrunners, actors and throughout the story are truly wonderful. Seeing them portrayed and brought in to life through the story, makes med proud to share them and even proud to be Norwegian.

When I watched O Helga Natt, it was the first and only time something I watched on television made me cry. As a tv-moment, it really was uniqe and exceptionally moving! Season 3 is the best thing I’ve ever seen on television! Both thanks to an extraordinary story and the work and dedication put in to portraying Isak and Even.

The complexity of season 4 was incredibly brave to take on both by the showrunners and actors. It had succeeded in creating discussions, enlightening people and bringing a positive light on different beliefs and lifestyles. Norway and Scandinavia really needed Sana!

Thank you for this incredible journey. I’ve been watching since week 3 (when I thought it was a documentary..). The show has been not only my favourite Norwegian show, but my favoutire of all time!

Signe, 24 – Århus, Denmark

Kære SKAM cast og crew,

Tak for at give mig den største kulturelle oplevelse, jeg nogensinde har haft. De budskaber og værdier som SKAM formidler, er de fineste og vigtigste som findes. Jeg er dybt rørt over samtlige 4 sæsoner, men især har sæson 3 og Tarjeis eminente skuespil har grebet og fascineret mig meget. Jeg har aldrig før oplevet noget skuespil, som har kunnet måle sig med den præstation. Det forundrer mig stadig dybt, og jeg ser frem til at følge hans og de andre skuespilleres arbejde fremover.

Det er en stor gave, I har givet mig og mange andre, og selv om jeg er ked af at det er slut for nu, respekterer og beundrer jeg jer også for at stoppe på toppen, mens legen er god. Det er modigt gjort, og værket kommer til at stå rent og klart fremover.

Jeg læser selv Idehistorie, og har skrevet en opgave om skambegrebet med et filosofisk afsæt. Det er det sjoveste og mest interessante stykke arbejde, jeg indtil videre har lavet på universitetet. Jeg har desuden lavet ugentlig podcast om sæson 4 på Århus Studenterradio og opsøgt ny norsk litteratur, hørt norsk musik, norske lydbøger og meget mere i samme stil. Det havde jeg ikke gjort, hvis det ikke var for jer og SKAM; i er en stor inspiration, med andre ord, og I er lykkedes med at formidle svære tematikker på en meget sympatisk og opbyggelig måde. I giver mennesker håb for sig selv og for hinanden. Det er smukt, og man bliver gladere for livet. Det mener jeg helt alvorligt.

Jeg glæder mig til at følge jer alle sammens arbejde fremover. I er så knusende dygtige og gode til det, I laver.

Mange kærlige hilsner,

Signe, 24, Århus.

Keri – United States

There truly are no adequate words to express the profound effect that Skam has had on me and simply saying thank you will never seem like enough. It was not just one season, it was every season that touched my heart and allowed me to feel things I hadn’t felt in a very long time. It was real and heartbreakingly beautiful to watch these characters develop and I will truly miss them for the rest of my life. I have unconditional love and gratitude to each actor, writer, director and anyone else who participated in the show. It takes a village to make something so powerful and so meaningful to so many people. Tusen tusen takk, Alt er Love.

Anonymous, 46 – Norway

Som vaksen, og mor til ei jente i målgruppa, tenkt eg først eg skulle la “Skam vere i fred”. Men så begynte avisene eg les å drøfte Skam, om det Noora hadde opplevd var kriminelt eller ikkje, og dotter mi ville helst eg såg på, så me kunne prate om det.

Sesong 1 og 2 såg eg derfor litt for å vere greit, og litt fordi det var interessant.
Eg var imponert over Andem, og skuespelarane. Men det var framleis dotter mi si verd, ikkje mi.

Så kom sesong 3.
Eg har aldri vore så oppslukt av ein serie i heile mitt liv.
Eg sat på jobb og refresha Skam i alle pausar, sneik meg vekk for å lese chat eller sjå klipp om dei kom når eg var saman med folk.

Det var besettande tv, men kvifor?
Fordi det var så bra.
Skuespelet, kor samansette karakterande var, korleis plottet både var heilt nedpå og heilt episk på same tid.

Men også fordi det gjorde noko med meg.
Eg sverger: Sesong 3 gjorde meg til eit mildare og snillare menneske.

Sesong 4 har vore vond, fordi det er eit tilbakeblikk til dei mørke sidene ved ungdomstida. Men også fin, fordi kjærleiken ikkje så mykje har handla om begjær – og det ser eg ikkje minst at dotter mi har likt.

No er det slutt.
Og Skam klarte å få på beina ein fandom eg knapy har sett maken til.
Eg kjem til å sakne ALT.

Men sidan alt er LOVE, og me skal leve ekte, menneske treng menneske og DET EG SER er ein ungdom det er håp for, så skal det gå bra.

Takk gudinne Julie, og alle dine awesome medarbeidere og skuespelarar.


Heidi Kusch, 42 – Germany

En fantastisk rejse nærmer sig sin slutning, og det er lidt svært for mig at sætte ord på, hvad jeg føler lige nu. Jeg har set mange serier, men ingen som Skam. Hele realtids-konceptet har holdt mig fanget og involveret som aldrig før. Mari Magnus, jeg tager hatten af for, at du har kunnet styre så mange IG-kontoer, chats etc. så overbevisende. Vi ved, at du er kvinden bag, men har alligevel aldrig tvivlet på ægtheden og troværdigheden af konceptet. En lille chat har kunnet få os til at analyse i timevis. Jeg elsker det!

Selve konceptet ville dog nok være faldet til jorden, hvis ikke historierne bag var så relevante, vigtige og relaterbare. Vi elsker historierne! De har ramt noget dybt i os helt uafhængigt af køn, alder, seksualitet, religion etc. Vi har følt karakterne, grint og grædt sammen med dem, været fortvivlede, vrede, kede af det, glade, dybt forelskede etc. Det har været en enestående oplevelse. Men vigtigere endnu, vi har lært virkelig meget af hver eneste sæson. Jeg tror fuldt og holdent på, at Skam har været med til at nedbryde tabuer og fordomme og dermed gjort Norden (måske endda lidt af verden) til et bedre, mere åbent og forstående sted. Julie Andem, du slutter aldri å imponere! Af hjertet takk for Skam!

Imponeret er jeg også over de fantastiske skuespillerpræstationer. 1000 tak til alle jer, som har brugt jeres talent til at formidle Skams budskaber til os. Det er jer, vi har identificeret os med, jeres fortjeneste, at vi har følt så meget, som vi har følt. I har givet karakterne liv, og vi elsker jer for det. Lykke til på jeres videre færd!

Sidst men ikke mindst, 1000 tak til alle de fantastiske folk i Kosegruppa DK! Det har været eventyrligt at opleve Skam sammen med jer. Vi har grint og grædt sammen, (over)analyseret og lært en masse om og af hinanden. Oplevelsen havde på ingen måde været den samme uden jer. Nu må vi bare tage en dag af gangen (minutt for minutt) #detkommertilågåover #selvomdetfølesveldigvondt #vierikkealene #alterlove.

Anonymous, 36 – Sandnes, Norway

Jeg var en av dem som forelsket med i Isak i sesong 1, og gledet meg til at vi skulle få følge han i sesong 3. Jeg tenkte hans historie ville være så viktig å formidle. Jeg var lite forberedt på at det var Evens historie som skulle bety mest for meg.
Samtidig som sesong 3 ble vist, så opplevde vi hjemme at datteren vår ble så deprimert at hun ble sengeliggende i en alder av 11 år. Hun blir utredet for bipolar lidelse. Dette skjedde samtidig med at det kom frem at Even også hadde det samme. Som mor ble jeg sittende å lese i kommentarfelt og fulgte ulike fankontoer på SoMe der flere delte sine historier. Jeg er så takknemlig for at Skam har gjort dette mulig. De har gitt kunnskap, både gjennom skjermen og gjennom det universet som oppstod utenfor i SoMe. Jeg hadde ingen kunnskap om dette fra før. Det ble en bratt læringskurve for oss, men jeg er evig takknemlig for den nydelige og respektfullt måten dette ble vist. All ære til Henrik Holm og Julie Andem!
De har gitt et bilde på hvordan det er å være pårørende. Jeg følte hvordan det var å være Isak. Nydelig formidlet av Tarjei -tusen takk for det❤
Julie Andem har gitt meg de viktige ordene Sonja ga til Isak. Hos oss har vi lært å ta et minutt av gangen, og jeg hører ofte Sonja si disse ordene til meg i hodet mitt.
Det var nydelig å følge Isak og Even sin forelskelse, og det ga meg en fin verden å rømme til når jeg ikke ville forholde meg til min egen verden. Jeg rømte inn i Skam-verdenen, og likte å være der. Jeg fulgte Isak sine svingninger, kjente hans sommerfugler i magen, kjente forelskelsen og jeg kjente fortvilelsen. Jeg vil være evig takknemlig for det nydelige forholdet mellom Even og Isak, for det var så fint å se det forholdet vokse frem.
Tusen takk for at Julie Andem har formidlet alt med så mye respekt. Og for at skuespillerne har gjort det samme. Tusen takk ❤

Anonymous, 15 – Tel aviv, Israel

I first heard about skam around October 2016, from a picture someone posted on ‘we heart it’. I decided to check what SKAM is, and I googled it. It looked like a interesting tv show and I tried watching it but I couldn’t find English subtitles, so I watched it in Norwegian and I didn’t understand a thing. After two episodes I wanted to give up on it since I don’t understand a word, but I kept watching it and I’m happy I did. It’s a cliche but SKAM is a huge part of my life. It’s just a tv show and not everyone understands it but it made me happy when I needed it the most. SKAM made me realize that there are some good people in the world. I always thought that all the people are bad and selfish but because of skam, and the amazing cast and the amazing fandom I understood that I was wrong. It doesn’t really makes sense but, it means a lot to me. Because of skam I feel like I found myself, and without it I would be lost. I am a better person now. And I’m just so thankful because The skam cast isn’t just a cast of a few talented actors and pretty faces, they are a family. A cast that is filled with so many good, kind people. And I’m thankful that Julie made a real family. And not just a tv show. And also the fandom is filled with a lot of kind and talented people and I’m proud to be a part of this amazing fandom. Sorry if I had grammar mistakes or something. That’s it, thank you 🙂

Louis Flint, 37 – Denmark

Når man vokser op som queer, nørd og med en psykisk syg mor og en far der skred, er det sjældent at ens historie bliver fortalt som andet en staklen der skal redes af andres. Tak til SKAM for at vise at sådan nogle som os er mennesker der kan handle, som lever hele liv, som ikke kun er vores omstændigheder, men også mennesker der bliver forelsket, mennesker der bliver optaget af fester, teaterstykker, den næste fest osv. Mennesker der ikke altid viser alt, selv om vi trænger det, fordi vi også trænger pause fra at være vores omstændigheder. Mennesker som andre gerne må vise at de ser os og er der for os, som Chris fx gør så smukt.

Anonymous, 38 – Denmark

Jeg fandt Skam i sommeren 2016. Jeg var hårdt ramt af stress og stressrelateret angst, hvilket gjorde, at jeg ikke kunne gå langt væk hjemmefra. I løbet af efteråret 2016 fandt jeg en masse nye bekendtskaber i kosegruppa dk, og i februar 2017 havde Skam skubbet mig så langt, at jeg tog til et event med 30 Skamfans, som jeg ikke kendte i forvejen, for at lave slo mo videoer igennem en skolegård, drikke Tuborg og se sæson 3 som Marathon på storskærm. Skam har givet mig en masse nye venner i både Danmark og Norge. Mennesker jeg aldrig havde mødt uden Skam, men som betyder en hel del i mit liv nu.
Det sidste klipp fra Skam kommer i aften, og det føles en lille smule som hjertesorg. Den der form for hjertesorg, hvor det føles som et hul i maven, som ikke længere kan fyldes ud. Det er lidt tomt… Men altså jeg har jo lært at livet er nå, og at mennesker trenger mennesker, så jeg fortsætter med at se mine nyeste venner, og så er der vist også en familie, der har brug for at se mig 😄
Tusind tak for Skam, tusind tak for introduktionen til vigtige temaer og tusind tak for at lade os for øjnene op for norsk tv, film og musik. Det stopper ikke her ❤️