Anonymous, 13 – Poland

When I started watching SKAM, I was scared of myself. I had a social anxiety and I didn’t want to think about girls in THAT way. I am bisexual but back in those times, I was homophobic as hell.
One day, my sister wanted to show me something on her phone. She had Even and Isak kissing on her wallpaper. I asked “Who are these people?” “This is Even and this is Isak” “I don’t get it. These two are guy names” “Yes, because they are gay” I was shooked. My own sister! Next day she showed me from which TV Series they were, I wasn’t enjoying first episodes, but then I found something magical about it and watched first, second and third seasons in two days.I learned, that I can’t be someone I’m not just because I want to. That sexuality isn’t a choice, and those guys who were holding hands in the shopping centre were actually braver than I was. Now everybody knows that I love everyone and I have psychologic sessions.
Goodnight everyone!