André, 24 – Brazil

I have to thank every person involved in this amazing show.
I never felt more related to characters in my life, especially Noora and Isak.

Noora vision about equality and violence are really similar to mine, so watching she fall in love with William I felt like I was having the same struggles as her, I hated him at first but as their relationship grew I started liking him, and I started to see that I was so attached to my beliefs that I wasn’t giving him a chance.

As for Isak, I never felt so represented in my life. As a gay guy who doesn’t identify very much with the gay community, I saw myself couple years ago in him, my struggles, my fears, my denial, and I saw myself now in him too, his acceptance, his search for happiness and belonging. There were some times that I had to pause just to scream, because I couldn’t handle the feelings.

I felt fulfilled for the time in my life about a representation in the media (and I’ve been looking for two years for that).
So I’m thanking again everyone responsible for this show to make such real flawed characters that are gonna stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for showing that I’m not alone.