Tazkia Tazmi, 17 – Auckland, New Zealand

It has truly been one of the best and most relatable shows I have,and probably will, ever watch.

I hope Director Julie Andem sees this,because words cannot decribe what you have done for me. You have created fiction that turned my life around. I am now more considerate of others,I treat the mentally disabled with more patience and understanding,I have become much less quick to judge,I have been inspired and motivated to believe there is hope. I dream of a world, created by our generation, that overcomes racism, gender and sexuality discriminating,assult of sexual,physical or mental kind. You have showed us how the world could be without the divisions we create for ourself, and it is brilliant. I have realized that being a Muslim girl in Auckland city is not that hard a life to lead, when you answer all questions, however dumb or racist they may seem. I have realized the prettiest boy has a screwed up family,and the prettiest girl has a depressed mother. I know now not to judge. I have recognized imbalances of the world and why they occur. I have understood the world is in our hands now, our generation. And you have shown us the way to create a world that’s accepting,understanding and beautiful.

Thank you.

For making me grow from perhaps a more naive and judgemental person to someone who is accepting and understanding,feels confident about herself, and genuinely feels that love can make a difference after all. We needed your story more than you know because now that we have it, we know what we were missing. And we are very very very very thankful.