Natella, 16 – Podolsk, Russia

Write a thankful letter to the series, which is unlikely to find any of its creators, or participants, would never have thought that I would spend so much time on this lesson. But right now, I’m doing it right now. My page in the social network will be captured by hackers, and maybe erased in units and zeros, leaving behind a single word, photos, videos. But to say thank you, when it’s so important, I can.
Thanks to SKAM for giving hope to many of their fans and believing in life. Thanks for everything, everyone found in this show. Thank you that a girl who was subjected to sexual violence, and before that was maniacal, continued to fight and now can again live day after day, without thinking about suicide. Thank you that the boy, suffering from clinical depression, thinking every time that destroys other people’s lives by being offended by his friends and relatives, having looked at the show and seeing his own fears and feelings on the screen, is now cured and is writing a new book. Thank you that hundreds of thousands of teenagers have found support that they did not receive in real life. Thank you that “no one is lonely” and for “everything is love,” for “everyone you meet, waging a fight about which you do not know anything, be kind, always,” for “the world is full of chaos and every our action carries a consequence “Thanks for” your body needs potatoes, for “life – here and now”, for “fear spreads, but fortunately, love is spreading too.” Thank you so much sense in every act of the character, so many reasons to Think about and look around.Thank you the ship SKAM, which threw a lifeline to many, and even m e.
Thank you.
I hope that my mistakes during the translation were not so terrible. But each of us is given the right to make mistakes. Because mistakes are an experience. And experience is life.