Dimi, 17 – Spain

Dear Julie Andem,
Thank you for creating such an amazing show, to which I could relate to in so many ways.
My friends told me in 2016 about “a Norwegian TV Show SKAM”, and I took their advice to check it out, not knowing that it would change my life completely. I immediately found myself related to Isak and Even’s story in every possible way: the way Isak noticed boys (Even) rather than girls, I even used to do the exact same “gay test” online before I was comfortable about my sexuality, the way how I realised that I should accept myself and feel confident to talk to my friends about it, and how depression is very common and all you need to do is talk about it.
After I came out to my friends, I got so much support from them, and I cannot tell you how depressed and barricaded I felt before I could talk to anybody about it.
SKAM seriously helped me, but also it showed my parents, too, the teenage struggles and what I was going through before I came out.
Again, a HUGEEE THANK YOU to all the people who were involved in SKAM. You all honestly changed my life, and the show gave me so so much support!!
TUUUSEN TAKK til dere! Takk for alt!