Silhouette, 24 – Taiwan

My best memory is to watch SKAM in November of last year until now. I was much amazed by genuine and affecting performance Tarjei and Henrik did in season 3. They are natural but astonishing. I bursted into tears when Isak’s heart was once broken and being stunned by Even’s lonely brain with thinking. Even’s soft heart and sorrowful eye always take my breath away.

Especially, SKAM is an awesome work that I’ve never watched such authentic series that stirs up my feelings extremely. Every character is all of “ME”, they are so realistic. As a lesbian and a melancholic, same as Even; I always think I’m not deserved to be loved and understand well “the only way to have something in infinite time, is by losing it.” But now I’m struggle doing myself the way I am. Livet er nå!

I truly appreciate that SKAM let people know about LGBTQIA group and diminish misunderstanding of mental illness. Thank you for all SKAM crews give me not only goose bumps but also inspiration during this series. My sincere delight is not because SKAM changes the world much or saves all people from the hell, that’s “making me reflecting my life as well.” What I try best is to face uncomfortable conflicts and depression while life is still going on. I learn to be tender and become a more sympathetic person to people who are around.

I’m proud of myself, being proud of being a human being.


Takk for alt. Kjærlighet er på toppen!