Nina Dixon, 39 – NJ, United States

I found Skam while scrolling through my Facebook feed in April & came across a Vice article recommending the show- especially season 3. When I saw it was a teen show, I put off watching it but came back to it after Buzzfeed also posted an article. Now, I am constantly recommending it on all of my social media channels, to clients of all ages-especially adults & it even inspired me to start an LGBTQ+ youth group. I also blogged about it on Skam Appreciation Day here: where #ThankYouSkam trended #2 worldwide for 7 hours on series finale day! The cast & crew were absolutely amazing but hats off to Julie for her mastermind of breaking down barriers that the world so very much needed– & also to Siv, for providing extra nurturing & support to some of the fans. & last but not least, to all of the accounts that uploaded videos & texts with English subs!
Thank you for creating this website & providing an outlet to share our love for Skam 🙂