Keona, 15 – San Leandro, United States

Thank you so much skam because starting from the first season, it was so relatable and I felt alone because of the “friends” I had and seeing Eva become independent really inspired me and made me think about what I should do. Noora helped me stick up to what I believe in and reminded me of the reason I should stick up for myself and for other girls. Sana taught me how to be fierce and how to not take shit from people. Vilde showed me that its ok to be wrong and to mess up because you will always have someone there to help you. Girl chris showed me that its always a good relief to have someone like her in a friend ship. Now, Isak and Even have taught me how to fight through everything. And that shit happens but you are never alone. Lastly, Thank you Julie Andem for creating skam because it has shaped me in so many ways. I wouldnt have the best friends I have now, I wouldnt be able to stick up for myself, and because of you and this show I no longer feel alone.