Jane Kronvald Hansen, 43 – Ejstrupholm, Denmark

I have spent the last month thinking what SKAM actually meant to me. But didn’t reach a conclusion, I didn’t find the exact words to tell you all.
Before SKAM my life was spent mainly from my house, I was scared of life, scared of being judged, scared of being let down, so I had my guard up and kept everyone at arms length …. Seeing Isak doing the same I woke up, at the age of 42 it took a 17 year old boy to wake me from the living dead … Because of SKAM I have travelled to Oslo alone, went to the theatre alone, even took the initiative to talk to some of the actors. I went to several restaurants alone, had a lovely time, interacted with the staff. Met fellow skam fans, made friends for life ..
Now because of SKAM I’m not scared of the world, I’m full of hope and excitement and LOVE … TAK FOR ALT, TAK FOR LIVET MIT ❤️