Cam, 17 – United States

When I found SKAM, I thought there was no way that it could be /that/ good. But when I started watching it, I immediately fell in love with the representation of reality and the truthfulness of being a teenager in today’s world. I come from a religious family and have never been able to share my liberal views about big topics (like sexuality, world religion, even politics, etc). I learned so much from each character and have applied much of what I’ve learned into my real life. Living in America, I always see very glorified drama on tv and in film, but that’s not how it is with SKAM. It’s real. It’s genuine. It talks about everything that America is too scared to touch light to. I applaud and respect all the SKAM crew so greatly for bringing attention to BIG topics that don’t get enough positive rep in media.
SKAM has changed many areas of my life, and has taught me to love myself, accept myself, stay true to myself and do all of that for others, too. This show has taught me to not be afraid of my thoughts and opinions just because my parents and family would disagree. I love SKAM and everything it has done for me. I’m a better person because of it. My world has been flipped upside down because of a short four season show from Norway, and I can’t thank the SKAM cast and crew enough. Takk for alt.