Anonymous, 16 – London, United Kingdom

Most representations of the Muslim community, the LGBT community in the media etc.. are far fetched and over generalised where stereotypical representations are portrayed reflecting a minority. It’s shown that Gays are out GOING and Muslims are unbelievably disintegrated or suspects. The thing is with Skam it broke these barriers and it presented stories and ideas which not only are seen as taboo but are rarely discussed on tv. It promulgated ideas of nationalism and equality, problems with the refugee crisis and Capitalism. In a world and media saturated society ideas like these are rarely integrated into more ‘commen’ ideas such as sex and boys. The integration of theses almost teenage issues(sex) with more worldy and problematic issues (capitalism) was done with immense thought and was very successful. You have taught us more about LGBTs and Islam and Norway than school has ever done. So many people have misinterpretations about Islam but you have taught people who have never even heard of the culture more than religious education lessons ever will. And not to be soppy and cringe but genuinely thank you for not only bringing people together but teaching and educating through entertainment which so many must learn from. Because not only should we live life now but we must remember of all of those around us and make sure that everyone has the chance to live life in the now .