Andrés, 20 – Argentina

When I found out about Skam I watched the first 3 seasons in one night. I knew about Evak and I enjoyed the Eva’s and Noora’s seasons but what I really wanted to see was Evak’s story. Because, like every person who is not straight,or white, or just is not what is considered to be the norm, I am hungry for stories to feel connected with. After that night I had a long trip and in the car I couldn’t stop thinking about Evak, and how I wished I had these characters and stories when I was a teenager. Because although in terms of representation there’s a belief that the media has advanced, we still need honest and complex stories like the ones in the show.
Skam has filled me with joy and hope. Now it’s 3am and I can’t sleep and I’m writing this; feeling happy because this show exists and is available to every kid and teenager who feel like I felt when I was younger, and sometimes like I still feel