Tatevik, 22 – Yerevan, Armenia

i found out about Skam accidentally….. and i kinda fell in love with it from the 1st sight! yup, turns out there’s Love from 1st sight and it can be really, really strong! Skam is…….. idk! there are no words to describe what Skam is and how it makes me feel! i love it! is something special!
tbh i have a lot to say, but right now…. after watching last part…… i can think about nth, but how beautiful it was and i can say nth, but that i’m in tears….. thanks, Skam! you change the world, you change people! thanks for what you are! thank you for making others to understand the struggle of minorities, even tho i’m one of those “privileged” ones, i feel much better to know my friends, who struggle in fact, can get less discrimination because of their religion or orientation or who they are….. thanks you Skam!
p.s. maybe one day i will make up my mind and really write my Skam story…… LOVE YOU!!!!