Stig Dyrdal, 29 – Norway

SKAM changed my life, simple as that.

I went from a self-loathing Isak to a self-loving Isak during the two last seasons. I realized that I don’t have to fit in with a set of rules that someone else has dictated for me, I can make my own rules and express myself in whatever way I see fit. I learned that we’re all Sanas. Not in the we-are-all-Muslim-girls-kinda-way, but in the way that we all have struggles and battles, and our biggest enemy is usually ourselves. And I learned how to be brave and trust myself.

I’ve met some pretty fantastic Sanas through SKAM, people that I am privileged and eternally grateful to have met and know. That’s why I love this show, because when Jonas starts his speech with “Dear Sana. This one is for you”, we were all Sana. The speech was to us. Fear might spread, but thankfully, so does love.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Julie and all the people that has been involved in making a show that has changed me on a fundamental level. Both on how I view myself as a person and how I view people around me. Alt er love <3