Ruby, 18 – Australia

I am one of those people who found Skam just after season 3 ended. My friend and I found an article about it on Facebook and we became intrigued. I binged watched the whole show in three days.

Straight after finishing season 3 at 10pm, I started the season again and had to rewatch the entire thing. Whenever I am unsure or overwhelmed about life I go to Evak and those last words of season 3 “life is now” just remind me to breathe, and to remember that everything will be okay.

Then season 4 started. I got Tumblr and Twitter so I could keep up to date with everything. I started investing in not only the episodes but the texts and posts, the YouTube channel and well the fandom as well. Comments on content and analysis of clips defined my existence.

Now I am faced with a reality that hurts.

Skam is over.

I learnt so much about Islam through Skam, I also realised how little I knew, which resulted in hours of research. Sana is so strong and her faith is truely inspiring. I relate to her internal struggles so much, the moments in which she needed to say something the most were the moments when she was silent. This reality, I am sure, is relatable to many.

The role of Vilde throughout the entire show was stunningly portrayed. Vilde is the one character who is so real to me, her encounter with unreciprocated feelings during season 1, her eating disorder and self consciousness in season 2 and the revelation of her home life in season 4. I have seen it all, I have watched people closest to me experience these things, and I know how much they can hurt a person. The significance of Vilde and all the characters are monumental to me.

I just want to thank Skam so I much for this experience. And for bringing so much joy to my life and so many others.

Julie Andem is a genius and I can’t criticise a single decision she has made, the four seasons are so perfect to me, so precious, that I would never be able to say anything against her.

Takk for alt Skam ❤️❤️❤️