Marianne, 46 – Oslo, Norway

I started watching SKAM in the spring of 2016. Immediately, with the sound of Jonas’ voice in the first minutes of SKAM, I fell in love with the series, the characters, the music, the storytelling.

Yet, it was season 3 that shook me to the core. I was not prepared. How much could the coming-out story of a 17 year old boy affect me, a separated grownup mum? But under the Mekke øl-clip, something happened. I had been living in a grey cloud for years, and my latest experience with relationship had drained me of energy. And then, the sight of the two crushing boys in the windowsill hit me so hard. I woke up.

With almost shock effect, SKAM reminded me of all the beautiful moments that have come and gone through life, which I had almost forgotten because life was too heavy for a while. I not only remembered these moments, I felt them so strongly again. And SKAM gave me faith in hat the beautiful moments in life will come back. SKAM made me want to fall in love again. SKAM reminded me of the magic that happens between people as long as we dare to show who we are. SKAM helped me look behind my own prejudices. It made me realize what fear of being rejected does to people. And had done to me. SKAM reminded me that it’s worth being open and honest. Despite the possibilities of being hurt. These reminders were aha experiences. Maybe because SKAM made me feel it first before thinking about it.

I may have finally realized how love can look like. And I have realized that I have people like Sana, Vilde, Jonas and all the others in the SKAM universe in my own life. And this has made me so grateful. SKAM has helped me look up and around me again, to look at people and to be seen. SKAM, unlike other shows, has not been an escape from reality. SKAM has woken me up to reality again. I am so endlessly grateful to SKAM and to the community around SKAM. Thank you for your masterpiece Julie Andem. Thank you all you incredible actors. Just imagine what you have created! Butterflies