Lucie Rendlov√°, 23 – Czech Republic

My SKAM story? I don’t even know where to begin. I found this Norweigan tv show in October? Yeah it was October. I was in really bad place and spending my free time only on the internet. On Tumblr i saw this cute gay couple cuddling on the bed. That clip was 6 minutes long. SIX FUCKING MINUTES. I couldn’t believe it. This particular scene was and still is unique. You don’t see something like this very often. That softness and seeing 2 boys being so pure. It literally made me cry. In that moment i knew i need to know more. I spent the whole day searching and searching and searching. Then i found some angel translating norweigan subs to english subs. (BTW can’t express my gratitude. Those people saved many lives translating this amazing show. Don’t be mad at them please.) I stayed awake that night binge watching 2 seasons i missed. After the first episode of season 1 i knew. I felt different. I felt like i am being part of something great and bigger than myself. Since that night i watched skam in real time. Every day felt better and better. I lived their lives. I felt heartbroken when they were heartbroken. I was happy when they were happy. Those little everyday updates? Simple ig post, messenger message .. made my day whole day better. I met so many wonderful people thanks to your show. I made friends for life. When i found out about season 4 being the last season? I cried. Yes i did. I couldn’t imagine my life without everyday updates and being able to see the next advetures of our fave characters. Now i know skam actually doesn’t end. It’s with me .. us. Forever. In our hearts we are gonna treasure those precious memories. So i wanna thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this life changing experience. I will never forget.
Alt er love from Czech Republic.