Kristin, 27 – Oslo, Norway

I found SKAM a few episodes into season 1, and I was reminded of how insecure I was with the boyfriend I had when I was “Eva”‘s age. I was really impressed with how they managed to play that relationship out so realisticly. I really saw myself in “Eva”, not only because of her relationship with Jonas, but how she had no friends and had to make new friends at the new school. That was the case for me too, though it wasn’t for the same reasons as her. She found her gang and I found mine. I followed season 2 closely, but season 3 was more important for me. Not because I’m gay, but because I have a mental illness, similar to the one “Even” has. And because Tarjei is an amazing actor, and Henrik as well. The whole season was so touching, and I’ve already re-seen it many times. Season 4 was also very good, and I learned a lot. I’m re-seeing the whole thing right now. Thank you so much SKAM!