Ivana,18 – Serbia

SKAM made me realize something, who am I, I, with social anxiety watched a lot of shows because, free time, a lot of it, but this one just blew my mind and I connected to it so much in a way no other show/thing made me feel. I fell for almost every actor a bit cause I realized something, ”Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, Be kind. Always” means a lot, that hit me like a trainwreck and it has carved in my mind and it’s kind of a motto. Such an exceptional show, It has taught me we are all different and just because of that we don’t need to fear, talk shit about anyone because we barely know them, or their story, and we don’t need to reject others, and that we are not alone, and no matter what I’m struggling with I can talk to someone, anyone, and that nobody is alone, and nobody needs to go through a struggle alone, we can all help each other, and that we need to be better as persons. And there will be rain and pain, but there will also be good, happy times. And if we make a mistake, we are human, and we have good intentions. Sorry for text/story being all over the place and for, probably bad English, I probably have a mistake somewhere. The show kinda opened my mind, expanded it even more. And I love this idea of sharing our story, the show merged a lot of different persons, it’s cool to know that in the another place in universe someone is watching, and the show is maybe in some kind away helping them, maybe to come out, maybe to realize they are not alone, to fight for what they want, and maybe become a better person. It has taught me ‘Alt er love’ and ‘Du er ikke alene’