Gabby, 16 – Sydney, Australia

Thanks to Larry accounts on instagram I was introduced to evak. I saw the clip in which Isak came out to Jonas. It warmed my heart soo much and I needed to watch this show. I did my research and found english subbed clips. I am soooo grateful that I found this show. I can really relate to Isak on many levels and sesong 3 was definitely my favourite. Isak and Even really helped me come to terms with myself, especially Isak’s character development from season 1&2 to season 3 and to season 4. I have loved the unity of the fandom, being able to watch a clip in real time and see everyones reactions on tumblr, it has been my favourite experiences. I introduced this show to one of my friends who then told her sisters to watch it, I then told three others to watch it and one more is willing and wanting to watch the series. Every single one of those who have watched it said that it has made such a big impact on their lives and they all love the show so much. I am very sad this show is ending. I would have loved to see where it went and how much bigger it got but all in all I am so happy that I watched this show. Tusen takk for alt, SKAM. Jeg elkser deg.