Emily Whelan, 15 – Dublin, Ireland

While watching season three of Skam I realized that I had a lot in common with Isak. I was struggling with my identity. I always knew I was different to other girls and always felt the need to fancy someone even though I never felt anything for any of the boys my friends liked. All of my friends and family now know who I really am. I came out on Christmas Eve to my Dad as gay. I use gay as an umbrella term as I don’t feel comfortable with any other labels but everyone knows that I am still not only attracted to females but multiple genders. Thanks to Isak and Even and the rest of the characters in Skam I realized that I am allowed be who I am and be comfortable in my own body and should disregard hateful criticisms of myself, especially when they come from myself. I now have the same fashion sense as Isak and dress however I feel comfortable. I related to Isak’s struggle when he was finding himself and it helped me with my own struggles and I will forever be greatful to Julie and Tarjei for creating such a beautiful character. I am also confident when speaking about my sexuality now because I know that it is just one of the factors that make me unique just like Isak 🙂 Skam has changed my life. Before it I was a confused “straight” girl with low self esteem and now I’m happy, confident, comfortable and gay af❤️