Diana, 20 – Copenhagen, Denmark

SKAM has changed me in so many ways. It changed my opinion, especially on homosexuality, as a Muslim person, who’s struggling to whether root for them or not, I’ve never had a problem with them as humans, but I’ve been raised to not like them, because a man and a girl can’t be with the same sex, and because it’s so wrong in so many ways. But above all this, I have so much respect to them, because they’re doing things no one can do.

It has also taught me to see a different perspective on a Muslim girl, even though I’m Muslim myself, to see that a young Muslim girl can be madly in love with a non Muslim guy, even thought you can’t as a Muslim girl in Islam. It’s a taboo in so many ways, but a beautiful one.

Just in general, SKAM made me a better person, to love all, whether they’re Muslim, Christian, catholic, Buddhist, Jewish and m.m. And whether you’re a lesbian or gay.

I can’t thank Julie Andem enough, and I wish that I could give her one of the warmest hug ever, and to tell her how amazing, talented, generous, humble, inspirational, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, lovely and fantastic she is, for being the reason that we all love and will continue loving SKAM, till the day we die. ❤