Cecilie, 49 – Denmark

I have enjoyed the stories. I have enjoyed seeing the strong morality SKAM has. The things that are hard to say without being very boring or very superficial, was told repetitously and sincerely, in a way that made young people not only tolerate the message, but hunger for more.
I am happy that this message is being told to my daughter, and even more happy that it is given to all the people she will be young together with. I want young people to be kind, brave and forgiving, so that my daughter can have a tolerable or even wonderful youth.
I am an old nerd, and a series so full of references, symbols and allusions has been wonderful for me to share with nerd and enthusiasts of all ages. How lovely for once to not be treasure hunting alone, to not be talking about depths and connotations for deaf and bored ears, but to be in a conversation with at least 48,000 others in the Danish Kosegruppa!
Thank you.