Anonymous, 37 – Oslo, Norway

I started watching SKAM in the fall of 2015 because my pupils (lower scondary) recommended it to me. I was never really a fan of the “high school”-genre, so I expected to watch mainly in connection with work. It quickly turned into my favourite show, however, and watching it became both a favourite pasttime and something I anticipated during the week!
Deilig er jorden was a highlight of seson 1, and by the clip released on May (which was my favourite of season 2, BTW) I realised that the show wasn’t just cute and “good for a Norwegian show”, but something extraordinary!
The values fronted by showrunners, actors and throughout the story are truly wonderful. Seeing them portrayed and brought in to life through the story, makes med proud to share them and even proud to be Norwegian.

When I watched O Helga Natt, it was the first and only time something I watched on television made me cry. As a tv-moment, it really was uniqe and exceptionally moving! Season 3 is the best thing I’ve ever seen on television! Both thanks to an extraordinary story and the work and dedication put in to portraying Isak and Even.

The complexity of season 4 was incredibly brave to take on both by the showrunners and actors. It had succeeded in creating discussions, enlightening people and bringing a positive light on different beliefs and lifestyles. Norway and Scandinavia really needed Sana!

Thank you for this incredible journey. I’ve been watching since week 3 (when I thought it was a documentary..). The show has been not only my favourite Norwegian show, but my favoutire of all time!