Anonymous, 57 – Oslo, Norway

I learned about Skam from my daughter who is an alumni from Nissen VGS. What finally made me hook up with the series was very favorable reviews in Norwegian newspapers at the end of season 1. Since then I have been a devoted fan, following Skam on a daily basis, participating in discussions on Twitter, Facebook and lately also Instagram. Through participation in the Skamfandom on social media, I have learned to know a lot of new, interesting people, some also in real life. I have fully enjoyed the whole experience, including also witnessing how a small narrowly targeted Norwegian TV series reached a world wide audience during the autumn of season 3. I have enjoyed discussed Skam with the young people in my immediate vicinity. I have also been able to use Skam in my work (being a professor at the University), most recently this week, where I referred to Dr. Skrulle’s advice to Chris, to convince a young student that she should believe in her own abilities to achieve. Skam has also helped me better understand how social media impact the lives of young people today. All in all, Skam including the extended Skam-universe created by the fandom has been, and will continue to be for some time at least , such an enormously rich source of inspiration, enlightenment and entertainment. #thankyouskam for making all this happen.