Anonymous, 56 – Denmark

Skam was recommended to me twice in the same weekend in august 16. So I started watching the two first seasons and was so caught up in the Skam-universe, that I watched them twice within a week. I was SO ready, when season three launched and was actually, accidently and luckily awake the night Isak took off as main character at a party at Eva’s house. It became the beginning of the most wonderful journey I’ve had for a long time. From then I followed the netdrama in realtime, which is a fantastic concept: very infatuating!
Skam is a brilliant masterpiece that makes you want to be a better person, which is a really great achievement.
Julie Andem is no less than a genius and I thank her a lot for creating this grand message to people of all ages and of any origin that we should all be forgiving and kind. Julie Andem is a true and modern hippie – and this is meant as a cadeaux ❤️