Anonymous, 39 – Stockholm, Sweden

I found skam by x-mas when SVT released the 2:nd season and went through it in a weekend. Husband, kids, kleening, everything was on hold until I was through the seasons. Then a few days later season 3 was released. I was through it 24 hours! (The first time, after that I have ree-seen all seasons a million times)

Skam has given me my teenyears back for a second time! I Love the characters, I Love the stories, I hate when they are in pain, and hurt when they are hurting. All is black and white again as it was in your teens. The grey areas of life that comes with age gives me a deeper understanding of the series and Omg the work, the details, the characters WOW!

Julie Andem and all her crew, what you have done here is amazing! All from reasearch to casting is nothing but perfection! You have given us pain, understanding, love, friendship but most of all acceptance!

A million thank you from a big fan in Sweden! Allt er love!