Anonymous, 32 – Norway

Have been following the show from the start. Moved to tears and so in love with all the characters and the amazing work by Julie Andem and the rest of the cast. No words can describe how talented and gifted you all are.
What moved me the most was S3. The out of this world acting of Tarjei and Henrik and Julie for making the most powerful storyline I have ever seen.
This season helped me tackle one of my biggest personal struggles. Having to struggle with depression my whole life,having a character like Even being portrayed with such warmth and heart. Having Isak fall in love with him, and still choose to be with Even despite his illness. Made deep impact on me and it still makes me cry when ever I hear or see the music or clips from that season. Seeing Evens struggle, Isaks coming out and all of his friends beeing understanding and full of love was so big and a gamechanger for me.
Love conquers all…. What a naive but important thing to learn.
Learning that you are loveable and have selfworth are some really big things wrap your head around. And I am still working on it. Skam helped me on my journey….. I did’nt feel so alone. The Characters in all the seasons has made an impact on me in some way.
So thank you, thank you Skam cast, Julie, kosegruppaDK and the whole skam-family.
You have changed my life….. ❤️