Anonymous, 31 – Norway

I’m not in the target group, not by far, so I like to blame the literature junkie in me for getting hooked. I’m a sucker for good stories, for well told stories, and for the way stories are told – and Skam kinda hit the jackpot there. The way the characters was knitted into your life, even when you were far, far off the target group, the way you felt what they were feeling – the joy, the pain, the loneliness, the love, it was an amazing journey, and pure literary magic. I am forever grateful and supremely proud that Skam was created in Norway!

I loved Isak from the very first episode, and would have loved his season no matter what, but I must admit I was very much face punched with my own predjudice with Even. You see, I didn’t want Even to be sick, and I argued his “healthiness” at all costs. But when his story unraveled, and Isak stepped up, I understood. Even was just Even all along. We loved him when we didn’t know his story, and that didn’t change when we found out – and THAT is what young people with mental illnesses needs to know! They are fun and cool and wonderful and everything else in spite of, because of, and also not remotely related to what their struggles are. And we all needed that! We really did!

#jegerjoikketrist #alterlove