Anonymous, 27 – Belgium

I dont watch TV drama, not in any language, but restrict myself only to watch football and anime series. But when i found out that theres a drama series from Norway that has a hijabi muslim as a character, i quickly got onto it to check it out. I am a Muslim in Europe and have never felt represented so well. There has been many muslim characters on TV but never one that i can relate with, and so few muslim women who wear headscarf are represented. In Europe, most boys have good Muslim role models in terms of Muslim football players, but for us practicing Muslim ladies, there are hardly any. So to see Sana Bakkoush and the actor Iman Meskini living life like us is so nice, finally we get a cool Muslim character which is not gang-related, or a suspect, or a sportsperson. Thank you Julie Andem and the whole SKAM production crew for giving us a spot.