People across the whole world have been greatly affected by SKAM. We come in all ages, genders, sizes and sexualities – and our backgrounds are profoundly different. Take a look at #ourskamstories and see the impact yourself.

"Especially the last season helped me and got me back on track. It started just when I was at the bottom and the feeling that I was not alone - that Sana was feeling the same thing got me back on top" (Anonymous, 16 - Sweden).“

"I've struggled with my sexuality for so long and I related so much to Isak, more than any other fictional character I've ever seen on TV. I saw so much of myself in him, it was almost scary. But seeing him conquering his fears and coming out to his friends, and seeing them accept him and the fact he experienced so little backlash was so refreshing" (Saffia, 23 - UK).“

"Throughout my life, I have been "embarrassed" and hidden my childhood from others. Worried about someone entering the facade I built around me. Skam has given me a new start to life and a network of great friends so I'm so forever grateful" (Anonymous, 35 - Malmö, Sweden)“

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