People across the whole world have been greatly affected by SKAM. We come in all ages, genders, sizes and sexualities – and our backgrounds are profoundly different. Take a look at #ourskamstories and see the impact yourself.

“SKAM has revolutionized and forever encapsuled the contemporary lives of all of us Norwegian teenagers. It has opened the world to our culture, and – especially in the last season – shown that Islam is not something evil. And for that, I thank you all!” (Elma, 20 – Norway)“

"Skam taught me to see the love that is around me. I had forgotten how it feels to be in love but living the love story of Isak and Even with them reminded me of it and made me notice all the love that I recieve irl. So after 21 years of dating I got married. Seriously. Thank you Julie Andem, the Skam cast and crew and the fabulous fandom." (Lina, 40 - Finland)“

"Throughout my life, I have been "embarrassed" and hidden my childhood from others. Worried about someone entering the facade I built around me. Skam has given me a new start to life and a network of great friends so I'm so forever grateful" (Anonymous, 35 - Malmö, Sweden)“

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